13th June 2024

 When to apply online

Looking for the best way to stay permanently in the US? If so, then you need to win Green Card Lottery. Fair enough! It is the best way who wishes to have permanent US residential and nationality. Most of the people wish to win a green card since it offers huge benefits to the people. Having green card may help you to live and work anyplace in the States of America. When you win this lottery, then surely you will get permanent citizenship within 4-5 years!! Bear in mind; the online application is entirely free to fill and so you no need to pay even a single amount!

Win a permanent citizenship card!

Well, the government of the US offers nearly more than millions of green card to the citizens of US people. Most of the times, they used to offer this green card to the workers who wish to work at this beautiful state. Of course, there are so many extra categories of green cards are available and so the government offers a chance to people online. The citizens of US may get a chance to get the family members on their own by applying online. no matter you will get a chance to keep your family members, spouses, children and much more along with you by applying green card online!

Current green card holders at the US apply for a green card for his wife to get living US citizenship. On the other hand, if you are the widowers then you need to prove that the marriage is true to enjoy green card. But, this green card is not applicable for the extended family members like uncle, aunty and much more. The person who is eligible to apply green card lottery should have a closer relationship with the current green card holder in US. just open the web and search for the green card lottery application and they help you to avoid common problems. 

If you are the one who submits your online application, then you have to wait until the winner date announces. After that, the selected candidate must submit other documents online such as certification course, immigrant visa and much more. And then, the selected candidate will ask to come for the direct interview. Once you have proved yourself to the authority, then surely you will get a green card and enjoy your standard of living in the US. 

When to apply online?

The US government announces the late date of submission of applicants. Applicants who apply for Green Card Application 2019 (DV2021) are advised to have a look at the internet in order to get result announcement. Keep in mind; the United States Government announced that November 5, 2019, is the last date to submit your application for the DV-2021 Diversity Immigrant Visa program. Bear in mind; send the application before the deadline.  So, they kindly advised you to submit the filled application as soon as possible!! For more detailed information, visit the official website of US State Department. Otherwise, you can contact the main office to get information quickly.