27th May 2024

4 Important Hydraulic Safety Tips

Hydraulic pumps and motors have a wide variety of purposes in many different industries throughout the world. Hydraulic systems work to make processes easier, more efficient, and faster. But before you operate these sophisticated machines, there are some safety precautions to be aware of. Given the intense power of these systems and how many things can go wrong, it’s vital to stay safe. See below for more information on 4 important hydraulic safety tips:

Complete a Visual Inspection

One of the easiest, yet most beneficial safety tasks to complete before using a hydraulic system involves a visual inspection. However, it’s vital that you’re looking in the right places. Before engaging the system, check for loose fittings, broken hoses, leaks, damaged parts, etc. If you notice something is broken or doesn’t look right, stop right there, fix the part, or find someone who can be of assistance.

Be Aware of Dripping Fluid

A common problem that hydraulic systems will see involves the dripping of fluid. To help solve this issue, it’s best to always be aware and check your surroundings before you engage the system. Before you start operation, check around the system and look for leaks or drippings. Even if you notice the smallest drip, don’t turn on the hydraulic system and try to fix the system right away.

Keep Hands and Arms Away from Moving Parts

While this tip may sound obvious, you’d be surprised at how many people are injured every year from this costly mistake. Even if you have full confidence when sticking your hand near these moving parts, it’s never safe to do so. These parts are very powerful and can cause a severe injury, even one where you lose a limb. These machines are more powerful than you might think, so be sure to stand as far away as possible from the moving parts in these systems.

Use the System Correctly

While all of these tips are vital for your safety, using the system correctly might be the most important tip of all. Before you operate one of these systems, make sure you’re 100% confident that you know what you’re doing. If you have questions about the operation, get clarification from someone first. If you’re the one educating others, be sure to offer an extensive training process so they’re well-equipped for proper use. These machines are extremely powerful and one small mistake can be fatal. That being said, proper operation is as important as it gets.

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