13th June 2024

The FOD*BOSS Runway Sweepers  


One of the risk factors for an airport is debris on the runway, in the event of excess debris on the runway; a lot of adverse events can occur during the plane takeoffs and landings especially if the planes are fast speed jets like military jets or heavy carriers like military plane carriers. FOD (Foreign Object Debris) is any unwanted or alien substance capable of causing danger to runway vehicles and planes. To avoid such accidents, FOD*BOSS designs the best FOD*BOSS runway sweepers to keep aircraft safe and secure the lives of plane passengers and crews.

Types of FOD boss runway sweepers

Single equipment sweeper

These FOD*BOSS runway sweepers are beneficial since they can be deployed as soon as you need the runway cleaned. It is attached to the hind of any vehicle then dragged on the runway. It is much easier to use since it only requires to be operated by an individual. The sweeper can be operated at flexible speed ranges between 6km/hr. to 40km/hr. The speed makes the cleaning process quick and efficient. It can be towed by any vehicle regardless of the size, even battery-powered vehicles.

Duplex FOD*BOSS runway sweeper

It covers an area of 16 feet wide for every sweep and can be towed up to maximum mum speeds of 60km/hr while cleaning the runway efficiently and effectively. It exists in two types that is -58 duplex and -57 duplex tow bar. The -58 duplex tow bar is suitable for European gooseneck style tow points, while the -57 is suitable for pintle hook connections and 50mm/2’’ tow ball connections.

Triplex FOD*BOSS runway sweeper

It sweeps up to a maximum of 24 feet at a speed of 55km/hr. The trailer used for sweeping can also be used as a storage and transportation unit.  It is highly safe and effective due to certain security measures like tethered spins and speeds rated wheels.

Why buy FOD*BOSS runway sweepers


All the FOD*BOSS runway sweepers regardless of the type are durable and have a minimum of 7000km service span before it is replaced.


FOD*BOSS offers a wide range of sweepers, each unique to the task it is designed for and suitable to meet your particular needs. There is a sweeper for fast-plane runways, long runways, short runways, different budgets, etc.

NATO listed

FOD*BOSS runway sweepers are recommended and listed by NATO as safe and suitable for maintaining a variety of runways. That is why they offer services to world military base runways such as USAF, Italian AF,  RAF, RAAF, among other military bases in more than twenty countries.


The removal of FOD first calls for detection, therefore before deploying runway sweeping services, various runways security measures like cameras, radar, and video systems must be in place. Then it would be best if you had efficient FOD control equipment that is affordable and readily provided by FOD*BOSS runway sweepers.