24th April 2024

Six Benefits of Installing Ceramic Tiles in your Home

If you are planning to purchase ceramic tiles for a backsplash, wall, floor, or ornamentation, you have to consider many factors. Tiles are not made equal and the differences can determine if your ceramic tiles will hold up to the use you will be putting them. If you are interested in Carreaux Metro ceramic tiles, read on to know the benefits of using ceramic tiles:

They are Durable

When picking a kind of flooring to install in your house, you must think about whether it will last for a long time, especially if you have a family or pets. Ceramic tiles are more durable than other types of tiles used for covering floors and walls. Durable tiles are also resistant to moisture. If you are shopping for flooring in wet areas, you may want to use ceramics because they are impervious. 

They Have Ample Amount of Resistances

If you have been to different commercial spaces, you probably know that ceramic tiles are generally placed in high-traffic areas. Ceramic tiles resist tread wear so much better than other flooring materials. They are also slip-resistant when added with an abrasive glaze.

They Have a Permanent Colour

Flooring can be exposed to sunlight and chemicals. Fortunately, even if ceramic tiles are constantly exposed to sunlight, their colour remains. Having tiled floors that retain their colour will eliminate your worry about spending money on replacements. Also, the permanence of color ensures your space will always have a pristine look. 

They are Hygienic

If you have set high sanitary standards for your home, ceramic tiles can be your perfect flooring option. When you compare these tiles to hardwood and carpet, ceramics are definitely not prone to dirt and dust collection. Also, they are easy to clean using an array of various cleaning products. 

They are Eco-friendly

Ceramic tiles are made from clay, glass, and sand. A lot of them are made from recycled or recyclable materials. Also, they help minimise your energy usage and bills by keeping your home cooler in the summer. Ceramic tiles even add some insulating qualities to keep your home warm in the cold months. 

They are Easy to Replace

If you get a crack on your ceramic tile, you can easily have the damaged tile repaired. If you are an expert at tiling, you can do your job yourself. Otherwise, you must hire a professional to do the job for you.