13th June 2024

Manage Your Online Store Like Never Before With These Inventory Programs

Businesses today are selling their products online. It helps them to reach their products to a large number of audiences at a time. Also, it allows them to reduce the cost of maintaining an attractive-looking store. Managing the online store sometimes becomes hectic. As a business owner, you might be somewhat clueless about the product count you have already sold or the products you need to order. In this scenario, you need the best store management app (โปรแกรม สต๊อก สินค้า, which is the term in Thaiso that you can keep a clean eye on your stock and can order the new one which needed.

As a small or online business, you might be worried about the charges of different store management apps. But believe there is a free store management app (โปรแกรม สต๊อก สินค้า ฟรี, which is the term in Thai) that will help you not only to keep a record of your stock but also provide you with peace of mind. Also, choosing the right inventory management program is crucial for maintaining accurate stock levels.

Look at some store management apps that help you create a sophisticated working environment.

Product Inventory Program PAGE 365

This program is available as a website online. Also, it is known as a store management app compatible with iOS and Android phones. It supports the business as a back office where you can store product details and offer a shopping cart system for the application customers.

Product Stock Program SHOPKEEPER

Shopkeeper is a free store management app designed for small businesses selling their products online. It also offers a product management feature with reservation status. Only iOS system users can use this app. This app also provides details for monthly sales of your business. Also, it provides you with information on the best-selling products of your business.


it is an easy-to-use product management application. It has a feature to add products by scanning their barcodes. It also helps you to easily find the existing products in your inventory. This application is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

Product Stock Program MYSTORE

This product management program not only allows you to add the products but also allows you to keep a record of their sequence.

Daily Sales Record

It is an inventory system app. It also supports the warehouse management feature. It also allows you to add the customer’s details who have purchased the product from the store.