31st October 2020

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Plagiarism in the world of online education

If not the world to lockdown, bringing the whole country has forced people to stay indoors. With schools, colleges, and universities being shut down to prevent the spread of the deadly disease, institutions had to find a suitable alternative. In such a disturbing situation, it is essential to ensure that education never takes a back […]

Which gearless scooter is best in India?

Gearless scooters account for more than 30 per cent of the total sales of two-wheeler vehicles in the country. The year-on-year increase in sales of these gearless rides is making the bike vs scooter debates even more interesting. Undoubtedly, scooters work better for shorter rides and quick acceleration while motorcycles are suited for longer rides […]

Top 5 Cities for Real Estate Investment in 2020

Investing in real estate is a vital financial decision, which is why you should be making well-informed choices. Before you decide to invest in a new home, consider aspects like the city, infrastructure quality, civic amenities, etc., to make an educated decision. If you are wondering about the best places for real estate investment 2020, check out […]

Got ITIL V4 Certified; What Is Next

Every individual is trying to find any certification that is in technology to boost their career. Professional cert means that certification in which an individual is enough capable to do with their assigned tasks or a job, generally to clear the exam or complete their course work. On the other side, there is an increase […]

5 Incredibly Useful Accounting Tips for Small Businesses

Running an enterprise can sometimes be hectic, especially if it’s new or a small start-up. However, accounting and books of accounts should top its priority list. Any business that wants to succeed and stay afloat should be keen on accounting and bookkeeping. A business should implement accounting and bookkeeping strategies to achieve its full potential. […]

Understanding Trends In The Stock Market

The share market has off late become the topic of discussion, especially in India. Long-term investors, short-term traders and of course the speculators who enjoy the thrill that the stock market offers, all of them are a part of the trading cycle. But before dipping your toes in the market, it is always better to […]

Household Components That Unexpectedly Break and Cause Damage

If you’ve ever thought that maybe you should skimp on homeowners insurance because everything is running smoothly, think twice. Take a minute to read about some highly unexpected breakdowns in the home that can equate major damage, and then decide if it’s worth taking the chance to go uninsured. Laundry Room Mishaps The number of […]

When Will Be CEED 2020 Scorecards Released And How To Download It?

IIT Bombay conducts CEED (Common Entrance Exam for Design) every year for PhD and M. Des, programs. CEED 2020 will be conducted on 18th January 2020. The scorecard of CEED is accepted by IIT Bombay, IISc, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Kanpur, IIITDM Jabalpur, IIT Delhi, and IIT Bangalore for the admission to M. Des programs. It […]

How to improve and increase your CIBIL Score?

Banks and financial institutions generally ask that you submit your CIBIL report as part of the documentation process when you apply for a loan. This report reveals your credit history, which in turn determines whether or not you are eligible for a loan. Lenders always prefer an applicant with a high CIBIL score. So, what […]

Top 5 Financial New Year’s Resolutions & How to Fulfil Them

New Year can be a time to make meaningful changes to your financial habits. Just as important as creating your resolutions, is being consistent with them. Here are the five popular financial new year resolutions and tips on how you can fulfill them. Budget Your Expenses Budgeting is a popular financial new year’s resolution for […]