28th January 2020

Category: Finance

What makes an ELSS the ideal first mutual fund?

Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) is a diversified mutual fund scheme which offers the dual advantage of capital appreciation and tax savings to investors. You can claim anELSS tax benefit under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act up to Rs.1.5 lakh in a financial year. Besides, an ELSS tax saving fund has a mandatory […]

Is an Endowment Policy Better or a ULIP Policy?

While traditional plans like endowment policies have been popular for a long time, many people now prefer purchasing unit-linked plans. If you are confused between the two, this post will help you understand the differences and pick the best as per your requirementsuiThe dual benefits of life cover and savings have made endowment plans a […]

What Is EPF Calculator

What is PF gross or basic? This is the amount on which the PF reduction or contribution is computed. Normally, in 95% of the companies, this is Standard + Basic Financial Obligations + DA + DA Arrears. However, there are constantly exemptions, as well as some companies desire it to be a little different. In […]

Why Florida is a popular state to start your LLC

Internationals tout Florida to be a “tax haven” after the president moved his tax base from New York to Florida. So what is there you should know about registering a business in Florida? Besides its warm weather, Florida is one of seven states in the U.S. that levies no personal income taxes. President Trump has […]

Where to Invest Money?

Earning money is difficult but investing them in the right place is even more complex. People often waste money on materialistic pleasures. But this transient pleasure can never bring eternal joy. Permanent happiness comes from new experiences and the right decisions. The following list shall help you make the correct choices. Knowledge There’s nothing better […]

Practice hard to improve your skills 

To perform efficiently in Forex, you need to understand the system. For this, you will need every step to implement in the system. Before placing them, you must learn how to assure a productive approach at the trades. Along with the plans, you will also need proper skills for the profession. You must be able […]

Why Bitcoin Investment Platforms Work So Well

Cryptos like bitcoin work because the distributed ledger technology that underpins them works. In fact, it works so well that other industries are also moving towards adopting similar systems. Functions like storing the data required to maintain and update the millions of gadgets that are now hooked up to the Internet of Things. A couple […]

Perth Mint Announces New Chinese Calendar Coin

Gold coins are produced by different mints all across the globe. They come in different designs and sizes and are bought and sold for various reasons, the main one being that they are a safe haven investments. In Australia, the main gold coin producer is Perth Mint. The mint is one of the largest exporters […]

THDA Loans Lifting Homeowner Hopes

The dream of many is the day they buy their own home. The title, the benefits, and the joy of homeownership are numerous, and it is just part of the American dream. Like many hopes and dreams, however, getting there can be a long and difficult road. It can even, at times, feel impossible but […]

Can you still make Money mining Bitcoins?

If one knows about bitcoin, then maybe you are well acquainted with the word bitcoin mining. If not, then bitcoin and bitcoin mining are economic terms related to virtually monetary transactions. Let’s know more about it in layman’s terms below. Bitcoins are a form of digitized currency that is limited in numbers, that is, 21 […]