24th April 2024

Choose A Wedding Dress That Reflects Your Personality!

Did you know that one of the most important points to consider in choosing your dress is that it matches your personality? Take note, that today we help you to reflect your way of being with your dress.

We know that when you are in the sacred search for your wedding dress, you first think about how you will look with him and what wedding hairstyle you should wear to dazzle. But there is a very important point where you should pay attention, and that is that your dress reflects your personality. The idea is that you feel completely identified with him. For example, a relaxed and simple bride is not a bride who usually wears a princess-style wedding dress, since it simply does not go with her free personality.

Here are some clues about dress styles for each bride, so you feel safe on this important day.

Natural and relaxed bride

If you are one of those women that everyone knows for being a joyful of life, a lover of outdoor life, of long conversations and always very natural and relaxed, what you need is a light and steamy dress that moves with you. Surely you want to be very comfortable in your marriage, so a heavy cloth dress won’t go with you. Ideal for girls of your style is a hippie chic wedding dress that reflects the freedom and spontaneity that characterizes you so much. You might need trying such plus size homecoming dresses as they reflect “a simplicity”.

Feminine and delicate bride

If the characteristics that stand out most about your personality are being ultra feminine and delicate, then you need a light dress that emphasizes your femininity to the fullest. In this case, the ideal dress for you is an empire cut dress that highlights your shoulders and breasts to look ultra feminine. The cut just below the chest is ideal to highlight that delicacy that characterizes you so much. For your subtlety, this dress can be a simple wedding dress, but to give more honor to your personality you can opt for a dress with delicate crystalline inlays on the chest.

Dreamy and romantic bride

If your personality is sweet and your closest ones recognize you as a romantic woman, in love with life, then you are really like a fairytale princess. Therefore, your ideal dress is one that makes you look romantic and elegant. In this case, a princess cut dress, or a wedding dress with lace are ideal models to represent your personality and make you feel like in a dream.

Classic bride

Are you one of those women who love traditions? If, in addition, you are characterized by being orderly and constant in everything you do, the ideal dress to reflect your personality is a classic-cut dress with a traditional veil, complemented by a hairstyle collected from a low bun. One option is, for example, a plain round neck dress or a model with V-neck and A-cut.

Safe and bold bride

Is security in yourself one of your main characteristics? Do you like breaking the rules? If the answer is yes, then you need an unusual dress that reflects your strong personality, but that, at the same time, makes you look sexy and elegant. For you, some of the best options are tube-style dresses, one full of lace with some transparencies or a backless wedding dress that leaves all the guests surprised. There are also the contemporary and innovative short wedding dresses in the front and with a long tail, and of course, accompanied by your attractive personality.

As with the wedding decoration you choose, the 2019 wedding dress you choose will be the one that will represent your way of being in such a special moment. Feel free to wear the dress you like and enjoy your day to the fullest. Don’t forget to buy your dress from a reputable store. If you consider buying online, we recommend JJ’s House to you.