21st July 2024

6 Accessories to Complete Your Little One’s Collection of Princess Dresses

For some girls, playing dress-up can be serious business. Whether she’s planning out outfits for the next pageant or simply wants to turn all the heads at her next Halloween party, beautiful princess dresses are the perfect way to make your little darling feel like real royalty. Even with a variety of princess dresses, your fashion-forward belle might still be missing some vital pieces. Make sure your budding fashionista has everything she needs by completing her play wardrobe with these stylish accessories.

  • Matching doll dresses. Your little girl will always have the best-dressed companion when she arrives with her favorite doll in an outfit that matches her own. Many dress manufacturers make matching outfits that perfectly fit your girl’s favorite American Girl brand doll or similar 18-inch friends.
  • Jewelry. Regardless of how fancy the dress is, no princess outfit is complete without complimentary royal jewels. From sparkly bracelets to vintage faux pearls, give your girl a variety of baubles to catch the eye of anyone who sees her outfit. If your girl doesn’t have pierced ears, clip-on models add the bling she needs without requiring a visit to a beautician.
  • Scepters. Make sure every royal decree is heard by giving your girl a shiny scepter to go with her princess dresses. These bejeweled accessories will make your little one feel like an official regent on the throne, whether she’s walking across a stage for a performance or visiting friends for a play date.
  • Tiaras and hair accessories. No queen’s outfit is complete without a crown. Pick the perfect piece to sit atop your girl’s regal curls or freshly coiffed top knot. For girls who spend time in competitions, choose models with secure combs and fasteners that won’t fall out when she’s walking a stage. Looking for something less grown-up? Fill your girl’s accessory box with flowered clips, decorative combs, and other hair accessories so she can still shine without looking inappropriate for her age.
  • Gloves. Silk or satin elbow gloves are the ultimate princess accessory. These accessories can be used to pull out an accent color or personalize the look of an ensemble outfit. Shorter length gloves are great for super swank tea parties and more formal events.
  • Tutus. For the girl on the move, tutus are a great way to brighten up a dance performance outfit without adding bulk or restricting movement. A simple tutu can instantly make even the drabbest leotard look like a high-class affair. Keep a variety of fun colors around to give your girl all the options she needs for a quick change.

Princess dresses are a fun way for your little one to explore her fashion sense. Make sure she gets all the attention she desires with the right selection of accessories.