27th May 2024

How To Replace Your Watch Strap

The watch Band is a very important part of any watch. It is integral to the function, security, appearance, and overall integrity of the watch.

Without the watchband it would not be a wristwatch. Holding the watch on your wrist is the function of the watchband.

It is very important that your band is secured to the watch and then to your wrist. Many expensive watches have been lost because of a simple band failure.

The appearance of the watch is enhanced by a matching band. A matching/original band also increases the value of a vintage timepiece. If you use replacement watch bands, save the original band.

The overall integrity of the watch can depend on the band. If your watch keeps falling off your wrist, what good is the band.

The watchbands greatest job is to secure the watch to your wrist. This is really it’s only job. The watch is used in all kinds of activities that will stress the watchband to its limit.

That is fine as long as you have the right band that will withstand the stress it is going to take.

Diving watches are a great example. The divers watch is integral to the safety of the Diver. If the watch is lost on a dive, due to band failure, The dive is over and possibly the diver too, depending on their depth.

Runners put a lot of stress on their watch bands also, as well as Climbers, Drivers, and everyday people. Make sure you have the proper replacement watch bands installed in these high stress situations.

The appearance of any watch is enhanced by the matching/original band. The band that came on the watch at initial purchase should be matched if the band gets replaced.

I know many Divers that have the original heavy rubber bands on their Dive watches replaced with stainless steel. It resists saltwater better and lasts much longer than rubber. Plus it looks really cool to have a Shark Mesh band on your dive watch.

Bands come in all kinds of material. Just remember not to compromise the integrity of the watch by installing a matching, but cheap, replacement band on your watch.

I have seen replacement watch bands that cost nearly as much as the watch itself. Remember the whole idea of the watch band is to secure the watch to your wrist, not just look good. The aesthetic part is a bonus.

Watch bands can make the watch. The original bands are usually the best. That is why they are on there in the first place. A lot of research and development went into engineering that band for that specific watch, especially higher end timepieces. It is all about integrity and no compromise.

A specific way some Jewelers authenticate watches is with the band. If the band is original and it matches the watch, this is a good start in determining the authenticity of the timepiece in question.

A matching watch band can mean different things to different people. Women will think it’s matching because it matches their purse or outfit. So remember not to compromise the integrity of the watch by installing a cheap watch band.

How to replace your strap, or watch band, should be determined by the overall value of the watch itself. If you own a $25,000 Vintage Rolex Submariner I strongly suggest you take it to an Authorized Dealer for ANY kind of replacements or adjustments.

You do not want to compromise the value of this classic vintage timepiece. Now.. if it is a $10 Timex it would be fine to replace the strap. This is contingent on your ability to complete the task. Over many years of use watch bands and the pins get very dirty and nasty. Dead skin cells along with dirt and grime will accumulate in and around the watch lugs that hold the band pins.

You will start with a good cleaning so you can get proper access to the lug pins. There are tools that will help you release these pins. Be careful not to scratch the watch case, while removing the pins. This is a trial and error process. The more bands you replace the better you will get.