13th June 2024

How To Choose an SEO Agency According To The Industry Of Your Business  

Choosing and executing the right SEO can push your business to the next level by guiding it in the right direction and providing new opportunities. The advancement of SEO has led to stiff competitiveness with both large and small agencies offering SEO services for businesses. In this light, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate SEO quality from serious organizations and those who are not well established. It is therefore important to find out about some of these companies before enlisting their services.

Here are some of the guidelines you can use to choose a good SEO for your business:

Define Your Definition of Success

One of the first and vital things you need to do first is to define why you need SEO and how you can quantify its success. In other words, the question becomes ‘why are you investing in SEO and what do you expect in return? Various people have different SEO purposes for their businesses. For some, the goal is to increase daily search traffic by 20 percent as the result, and for others, it’s to increase the click rate by 10 percent. It is therefore important to define your SEO success criteria and iron out the details.

Lay Out your Expectations

After defining your SEO success, it is important to layout your expectations for the SEO agency you plan to hire. This can be done by looking at some of the must-have expectations like having a local office, having been in business for some time (say five years), and offering initial consultation and strategy session to discuss plans. It’s important to come up with your very own list of “make or break” criteria. It will help you not to get frustrated as it assists you to manage your expectations. Combined with your definition of SEO success, it becomes fairly easy to narrow down your list to just a couple of options.

Ditch the Rankings

The competitive nature of the SEO industry means there are many rankings for top SEO firms in the form of independent third party lists, sponsored lists, and awards for the best new agencies. Putting too much stake on these lists may drive you crazy since it’s virtually impossible to rank lots of different firms on subjective criteria.

Check the own strategy of the SEO agency

Check items like Meta descriptions, website optimization, and local SEO techniques among others. If these critical features exist, it’s a pretty good indication that they can deliver what they preach.

Ask for Portfolios and Referrals

Most good SEO agencies, such as iAgency, willingly give access to referrals, portfolios, and testimonials which you can ask for whenever you need them. The information therein, for example, case studies, allows you to see data without underestimating the importance of a referral list.

Reasonable Pay Structure

Before you start meaningfully engaging an SEO company, it is important to know how much they charge for their services and packages. Some companies charge by the hour, per project, by the month, per year among other payment plans. Having this information helps you determine the feasibility of hiring the company to perform SEO for your business and deliver your desired results.


SEO can greatly improve your business performance by increasing its online presence thereby reaching a wider audience. It is, therefore, important to enlist a befitting SEO company in line with your business goals.