13th June 2024

The Supreme Comfiest Apparels I Used On Maternity Leave

My very first day at home after the hospital, the joy and happiness of giving birth was very high. The joy vanished when I woke up with the soaked sheets in middle of night. Why did not my friends or doctors tell me I might face breast leak? This is not hard to imagine that new moms require a supportive bra during the night for good sleep. Couponksa.com helps these moms with Mothercare discount code to order comfortable maternity pieces, underwear, dresses and accessories. Whether you want a nightdress, or a supportive t-shirt for instant feeding, it is necessary to remember the discounts. Now I will tell you what new moms should buy for a hassle free back to home.


For a few weeks of giving birth, most moms live in stretchy dresses all day and night. I was doing the same. Dealing with painful stitches, bruising and swelling is not easy if you don’t have a comfortable nightdress. I would recommend a sleek but soft nightie having spaghetti straps and V-neck. It facilitates in easy nursing (If you prefer breastfeed like me).


With my black nightie, I added a cozy, plush robe. This robe is an excellent piece for the moms. It helps to open the door when someone visits your home (for example, the mailman or any unexpected visitor). You don’t have to rush to put appropriate clothes because of this robe.

Nursing Bra:

With the consent of my husband, I decided to breastfeed the baby. The bras you wore during pregnancy will no longer work with new routine. Now you will need something comfortable yet useful. I bought a nursing bra with Mothercare discount codeto feed by baby anytime and anywhere. This bra supports the milky breasts while offering soft sensation. Nursing bras are available in numerous styles but I love the sports-bra style. These are incredibly good for breastfeeding.

Postpartum Underwear:

These are disposable panties. Moms should buy multiple disposable mesh panties in order to have a stock for hospital and home. Remember, celebrities also wear these panties and endorse on social media. For example, check profile of Christy Teigenhaving this panty on her body after giving birth.Why buying more than one? Actually, it is hard to estimate the quantity of fluids you will be dealing with. You may need changing the panties frequently in case of heavy fluid discharge.

Comfy Lounge Pants:

Are you unable to wear the leggings? Well, I would suggest Comfy LoungePants for this period. These are roomy sweatpants. Couponksa.com offers Mothercare discount code onsuch items so moms never feel limited. I am obsessed with this piece and Iwould recommend every mom to buy it immediately.

Loose Shirts orNursing Tops:

These are basic staples in any postpartum wardrobe. I wore nursing tops due to comfort, loose-fitting and ease. These are available in V as well as U shaped necks. These are also great for the working moms who have to feed the babies during housekeeping.