5th March 2024

Use this Guide to Pick the Best Corporate Gift Baskets for Your Recipients

In the corporate world, gift-giving is taken seriously. Such initiative can effectively sway business partners and clients as well as show appreciation for picking a company. No matter the kind of corporate gift basket you want to give, it’s important to spend effort and money on it. 

To pick the best Zero Waste office gift baskets, you must plan it carefully and meticulously. Your gift baskets and the products they contain must represent your organisation and the appreciation you wish to extend to your recipients. The following is a guide to help you pick the best gift baskets for your prospects:

What to Do Before You Choose Corporate Gift Baskets

Before you start shopping for professional gift baskets, ensure you decide on a budget first. Create a list of your vendors, prospects, clients, and other recipients. If you have a limited budget, prioritise the individuals who have made significant contributions to the revenue of your company and the people loyal to your business. Also, you can allocate a budget for possible or loyal clients and smaller budgets for other recipients.

Identifying Appropriate Corporate Gifts

Once you have identified your recipients, determine if these individuals can get business gifts. Some companies do not allow their people to accept corporate gifts while others permit just gifts that have nominal value. Get in touch with a company’s HR department to know the policies or limitations in taking corporate gift baskets.

If your recipients cannot accept gift baskets, find out if they can get tokens of appreciation such as pens or key chains. Also, you can opt for a charitable gift instead of a gift basket. You can give this gift as a donation addressed to the specific recipient or their company’s charity. This lets you show the goodwill of the company and share the blessing.

Preparing the Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a personalised way to show appreciation for your chosen recipients. Customised gourmet gift baskets are a great corporate gift since foods and beverages as practical gifts. 

In addition, you can also fill the baskets with unique beverages such as wines. Just ensure you research the business ground of your recipient to ensure they can accept these gift baskets. Another great option is to fill the baskets with your own products or some office products. The idea is to pick products that can please your recipients. For instance, if you are giving gift baskets to some female recipients, you may want to fill the baskets with some skincare products.