27th May 2024

Protecting Yourself from iPad Radiation

Mobile gadgets are currently sought after. Recently, one boy from China sold his kidney to buy an iPad. This indicates that individuals are ready to risk their health to possess and use gadgets. Many people using iPads are oblivious about their dangers. These devices emit electromagnetic radiation that is causing health hazards.

With the increased advancement and development of technology, companies are producing various models of iPads, including iPad Air, iPad with WiFi, iPad mini and the iPad Pro. Other companies are manufacturing small touchscreen computers that work as iPads. 

Every unit of these devices have simple user interfaces, virtual keyboard and built around touch screens. From their inception, Apple has sold millions to the users, and the sales are becoming enormous.

According to scientific studies, the iPads have Electromagnetic Radiation that exposes the users to iPad radiation which leads to biological side effects on the body. The iPads use Radio Frequency signals like WiFI that allows internet connectivity. 

They also use Bluetooth technology to connect to other devices for data sharing. As long as the iPad is turned on, it can transmit and receive Radio Frequency electromagnetic frequencies. The iPads release low-frequency radiations following the capacity of their circuitry operation.

When using the iPad to play a game or conduct a search, it emits electromagnetic frequency radiation at low levels, but persistent use exposes the user to more iPad radiations. 

These emissions can cause various adverse health conditions, including toasted skin syndrome and induce liver disease and multiple chronic health issues. Continued use of the iPads affects the users’ essential components of the body like cells.

Manufacturers are striving to advise users on how to use the devices and how they should keep them. Most countries out of the health issues due to the use of iPads have laid rules and restrictions that limit the use of wireless devices by the young population.

Using the iPads for more than 45 minutes leads to an increase in the glucose metabolism of the brain cells and tissues. Prolonged usage of the electronic devices further exposes the users to increased intracellular calcium that leads to Autism.

Moreover, iPads cause harm to the body of the users. Users must always strive to keep their devices away from their bodies and switch off their wireless signals. Through this, the users will be able to reduce the level of exposure to Radio Frequency radiations.

The users also need to use the radiation shields when using their iPads as it can protect them from exposing their bodies to direct iPad radiations. Users should get grounded as this will help to detoxify the Electromagnetic Fields exposure. The user is expected to touch the ground with their feet and let them soak the negatively charged electrons from the earth. The electrons are essential in removing heavy metals and reduce inflammation which are the underlying causes of health complications.

iPad users have to create their low Electromagnetic Fields by turning off their WiFi when they are not using them. The WiFi transmitters like the routers should be put on the power strip. Users should learn to turn off their devices when they are not using them, and they want to connect to the internet; they should use the power strip button.

Additionally, electronic devices should strive to spend more time with nature and friends. Taking the precautions above can only reduce the level of exposure to the radiation. Users should learn to disconnect themselves from modern technology devices like iPads, mobile phones and tablets. For instance, users should turn off their devices during a particular time of the day for them to get connected with their families.