27th May 2024

Electric Standing Desks: Are They Worth Investing?

According to a study, 90% of employees spend more than 6 hours in the same posture. It’s obvious that prolong standing or sitting can cause serious health problems such as severe back pain, obesity, blood clotting, heart attack, and in many cases it may lead to death as well. 

So what’s the solution? An electric standing desk! This desk is typically supported by a number of aligned motors, with which, you can easily adjust the height just by pressing a button. So here’s why these desks are worth your investment:

  • Reduces Health Problems: The health of your employee directly impacts the growth of your organization. Studies have proved that sitting for a longer period of time can develop the risk of cardiac arrest while standing continuously can increase the blood sugar level. However, using an electric standing desk can lower the risk of obesity, lower the blood sugar levels, and tackles the back pain issues. The bottom-line is ‘Greater the health of employees, greater is the contribution towards consistent growth’.
  • Flexibility: The electrical desk is easy to adjust in a sitting or standing position. Studies suggest that one should stand for about 45 minutes only and then sit for 15 minutes to stay healthier. With these desks, one can easily switch positions. Also, since you are adjusting the desk just by pressing a button, it would not disturb or distract other colleagues working around you. 
  • Additional Functions: Electric standing desk does not just allow you to adjust the height but they are also portable. Apart from this basic function, the desk includes plug socket and charger point so that you can charge your phone or laptop while sitting at your desk. Also, there are adjustable additional compartments for placing your keyboards and computers which further increases the comfort level of the employee. Since it has some attached chambers for storing files, folders, and other devices, it also reduces the clutter on your desk and allows you to work efficiently. 
  • Boosts Productivity: Standing desks have a positive influence on the health and the overall well-being of both the employees and the organization. As per research, 88% of people using standing desks believed that they feel energetic and healthy throughout the day. When an employee is fit, healthy and stress-free, he would work more efficiently.

It’s time to take the right decision for your employees. Install these desks today for proper work and life balance.