21st July 2024

3 Things To Keep In Mind About Recovery From Breast Augmentation Surgery

Are you excited about undergoing a breast augmentation procedure? If so, you’re not alone. According to a new report published by The American Society Of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentations were the most popular procedure in the world of cosmetic surgery. In 2018, a global total of 313,735 breast surgeries were performed.

Though breast augmentation in Houston, TX is a fairly common procedure and does not usually require special treatment, there are certain points to factor in about your recovery. Keep the following in mind prior to your surgery

  1. You Will need to wear a surgical bra

Say goodbye to fancy bras — At least for the time being. Immediately after leaving your chosen clinic, you will have to wear a support bra for at least six weeks.

Plan on wearing your support bra at all times, until your sixth-week post-surgical checkup. This includes wearing it while sleeping.

the best idea is to buy your support braw in advance. Prior to your breast augmentation procedure, go shopping alone or with a friend to find a few bras that fit you well and which you like in terms of style. When shopping for support bras, remember:

  • Not all bras will fit the same post-surgery.
  • There are many textures, colors and styles of surgical bras to choose from.
  • You may need to wear slightly different bras in the immediate aftermath of the surgery.

Remember that your bras should be comfortable. Don’t get ones which are too tights around your miller.

  1. You Must Avoid Heavy Lifting

Does your job involve any sort of heavy lifting?

If you are a stay-at-home mom of little ones, or you work in a field of manual labor, you’ll have to take a break from some of your regular duties while recovering from breast augmentation surgery. For instance, you should not lift or carry small kids, even if they are babies, and you should not attempt to bend down to pick things up off the floor in your first week of recovery.

Lifting little children or doing manual labor that requires strenuous activities should be discussed with your board-certified plastic surgeon during your follow-up appointment. Since this appointment is typically scheduled six weeks post-surgery, the general rule of thumb is: no strenuous activity at all for six weeks as you recover.

  1. You Can Expect Swelling And Irritation In The Affected Area

Naturally, after a minimally invasive surgery such as your breast augmentation in Houston, TX, you will experience some pain and swelling in the affected area. Your incision will feel warm, tender and sore for at least a week.

though some surgical patients report feeling no discomfort after only a couple of weeks, it is not uncommon for patients to feel sore for up to six weeks. If you still feel sore and your skin is irritated at the time of your post-surgical checkup, bring up the discomfort with your doctor.

Are You Ready For Surgery?

Now that you have a clearer picture of what recovery might look like for you, you are better prepared for your breast augmentation in Houston, TX. For more information or for a consult with a qualified cosmetic surgeon, contact us today.