5th March 2024

Top 5 Mobile Marketers & Influencers to Watch For 2021

  1. Eric Seufert

Eric Seufert is a quantitative marketer, media strategist, and also an author. He has a vivid career working for the transformative customer technology and companies of media. He has also published his own book. He is known for developing an open-source library of Python for marketing cohort analysis. He started his career at Skype and also carried his marketing and strategy roles at several customer technology start-ups. He developed a start-up that built mobile app marketing analytic platform, which was later acquired by a mobile gaming company.

  1. Moritz Daan

Moritz Daan is the founder and the Partner of Phiture Mobile Growth Consultancy. He is the founder of two web-gaming companies and is an influencer. He works as a full-timer in an ASO role, and he has helped over 30 apps to set up Their ASO strategies. ASO helps to improve visibility in app stores. You can use high-quality screenshots, use keywords wisely, focus on Icon Design, and encourage positive reviews to improve the ASO. He is an expert in mobile marketing. A more comprehensive list of mobile marketers & influencers.

  1. Rich Ashton

Rich Aston is a professional expert in growth funding for the businesses of mobile app. He helps the mobile app developers scale their business without leaving the control, access, and time. He helps the game apps businesses to change their growth and financial policies. He provides performance-oriented funding only on demand and does not include personal guarantees and dilution. His company Braavo has raised a huge amount through equity and debt from various investors.

  1. Adam Nowak

Adam Nowak is a mobile marketer, and he is a Sales Director at AdOlymp. He was a manager in major brands like Hp and Dell. He gives a solution for marketing and helps the companies to flourish. He is a mobile marketer and influencer, which helps the business to develop. He is a growth hacker and is a sales professional. Marketing is essential to lead their business to success. He enables engagement and communication between brands and consumers by putting on-demand mobile experience.

  1. AykutBal

AykutBal is the head of product at a company named App Samurai. It provides one of the biggest mobile advertising services. The service is available in many countries and is a great influencer in mobile market. He dedicates his full time as a product manager and is a software engineer. He is an actor and also a part-time writer. He is an influencer and account-based marketer.