27th May 2024

Causes of Hair Loss In Women And Need For Hair Transplantation

This is not unknown to anyone that how much importance aesthetic and beauty carries in a female’s life. To achieve beautiful skin and hairs they tend to spend lakhs on cosmetic products. Long, thick and luscious hairs are a desirable asset for providing which the cosmetic products are earning. But ideally you cannot achieve any good by external application of any product as your hair texture is purely genetically influenced and could stay healthy by taking proper nutrition and important vitamins and minerals which are necessary for growth of hairs

For females hair fall is a huge issue and facing hair loss could be very painful. It could cause mental turmoil and negative psychological impact.  Hair loss in women is socially not acceptable and they have to face lot of neglection. So let see what are the probable cause of hair loss and how much is the need of hair transplantation in them. 

How natural hair grows?

The basic hair growth cycle involves 4 phases: anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen. Approximately 90% of hairs on the scalp fall under phase anagen continuing from 2 to 8 years. The successive phase is catagen phase which last for around 2 to 3 weeks. The next stage is telogen phase continuing for 2 to 4 months. Each follicle grows as per these stages followed by exogen phase where the hair sheds. 

How to find that hair loss is alarming or normal phenomena?

If your falling hairs are approximately 50 – 100 hair strands then that are considered a normal phenomenon but if you find hair fall more than that then it could be an alarming sign and should not be ignored. You can easily find hair loss signs when you notice flocks of hairs falling while washing in the sink, on the pillow and in the comb while combing. 

The pattern of hair loss in female is distinct from that of males as it usually involves central thinning which usually does not involve baldness. Including, formation of temporal triangles is usually not a sequelae of hair loss in women. Sometimes front line can also be involved in female hair loss pattern. 

Causes of hair loss in women?

The most common cause of hair loss in women is hormonal shifts mainly thyroid hormone imbalance which can be ruled out by blood tests. Genes also plays an important role in causing hair loss which is called female pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia which can be assessed by thorough examination of scalp which reveals follicles of varying diameters depicting thinning of follicles. There are many medical conditions associated with hair loss in women including pregnancy, thyroid disorders, anemia, polycystic ovary syndrome, psoriasis. 

The contributing factors which has increased the incidence of hair loss includes hot tools for hair styling, Hot bath, Stress, Tight braiding, poor nutrition , increased pollution and chemical straightening or curling. 

Is hair transplant needed in females? 

The female possess fewer chances of baldness and majorly have hair thinning which widens up the split or partition. Therefore, lesser cases of female hair transplant are encountered but still if the scalp is visible through the thinned hairs opting for hair transplant is a wise choice. 

The candidature has to be allocated for sure before making up your mind for hair transplant as females require more number of hair grafts for which donor area should have ample hair density.  Including, you should know the fact that female hair transplant is more expensive as compared to that in females as is more tricky and also need more number of hair grafts. 

The basic techniques for hair transplant are same FUT and FUE techniques. But FUT technique is more indicated in case of females as this technique offers the provision of harvesting higher number of grafts and also avoids shaving which is an essential requirement in females as could be very embarrassing for them.  To avoid shaving completely, micro slits are prepared but this requires high precision. The special care has to be taken to avoid the damage to existing adjacent hairs and their roots. The hairline designing in females is distinct than that of males as the temporal triangles are covered in females unlike males. 

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