24th April 2024

EMF Phone Case: The Definitive Guide

What actually is an EMF phone case? Why is it so important for our daily lives?

These phone cases are capable of deflecting EMF (Electromagnetic field) to some degree. Basically, it fights off radiation from penetrating the human body on a cellular level.

This is important because radiation could do bodily damage and may cause certain problems. Illnesses such as cancer (depending on how long you talk on your phone and how many times you use talk on your phone daily)

What specs must we search for on ANY phone case?

We need Protection from radiation of course! This is really Really important to our daily lives. There are cases that are LITERALLY cheap meaning… the materials would be less effective fighting against radiation.

Some are so offensively designed that, instead of fighting off the radiation exposure, it increases it. Yes! But no worries. That’s why you’re reading this passage, so we can get through this together!

Let’s talk about what quality to search for in a phone case. A lot of us use our cellphones more than we actually should during this day and age. This is exactly why it’s so important to make sure that we get the right materials within a phone case. What cases are made of high-quality/efficient materials? Not just that but, we should also feel comfortable using the phone as well. Who wants to carry a phone with a case as thick as the watermelon.

It’s not only just the materials and coziness of one’s phone case. When searching for the case itself, we must also be vigilant when it comes to the brand and manufacture.

Nowadays, we can get high end products for a cheap price but it comes with cheap materials. (knock-off brands) We must be careful with what online stores would say about their products VS what the product actually is. The company that produces these phone cases must, and I’ll say it again… They MUST have EVIDENCE to backup their products effectiveness. Be cautious on how long the company has been active when producing these products as well. There are those who would pop out of nowhere

Also, make sure there is a way for refund and informed customer service. This is highly important and is also the most ignored thing to do. but it’s also very important that when we are purchasing products in general, that we also can ask questions from their customer service workers about whatever product we are interested in. Especially when we don’t understand the specs of the product they are selling. This gives us assurance and it may give us the confidence in buying whatever products we are curious about like an EMF phone case.

Another thing we need to be cautious of is of course the price of the phone case. Some phone cases have unbelievably high prices which makes it hard to low income potential customers to buy… It’s simply unaffordable.

Thanks for reading and remember, be safe with any materials that project anything harmful to the body. Like how a scientist wears eye protective products, we with our phones MUST have a phone case to deflect our bodily tissue for our safety as well.