24th April 2024

Complete Guide To Indoor Tropical Plants

Houseplants get a bad reputation. “I can’t even keep a houseplant alive!” someone will proclaim, to the amusement of others. But keeping indoor plants doesn’t have to feel impossible.

Tropical plants are beautiful and do well in a climate controlled environment. Although they do take a little more care and attention than some other houseplants the reward is worth the work. This guide will help anyone looking to get started keeping tropical plants indoors. If you have any questions the experts at Manuel Diaz Farms are here to help.

Creating the Right Space

Humidity. Tropical plants come from a high humidity climate and they will grow best if the space created for them is also humid. A humidifier that mists warm water into the air is the best option as the plants prefer warm moist air over cool. It is important to keep the air consistently humid, taking special care whenever heat or air conditioning is turned on as this will dry out the air in a home.

Light. Individual plants will have their own light needs but as a general rule plants will need at least some direct sunlight during the day. It is important to monitor the amount of sunlight that comes through a window. This will change throughout the year so it is likely that a plant will need to be moved periodically. A window that produces enough light at one time of year may produce far too much or too little later in the year.

Watering. Keeping a tropical plant watered appropriately can be the most complicated part of keeping them healthy. The number one mistake made is watering the plant too often. How often the plant needs to be watered will vary depending on a number of factors. Rather than watering just because it has been a certain amount of time a tropical plant should only be watered once the dirt is mostly dry to the touch. Water until the dirt in the pot is saturated and excess water passes through and out of the bottom.

Potting. Tropical plants should only be potted in cactus potting soil. This type of soil will dry out faster than normal soil and avoid having the roots sitting in oversaturated soil for too long. Tropical plants should always be planted in pots with a drain in the base. These types of plants prefer smaller pots to keep their roots compact so rather than choosing a pot with room to grow it is better to choose the smaller pot that will keep the plant happier.

Temperature control. Keeping the correct temperature is one of the most important factors in keeping a tropical plant happy and healthy. These plants come from a warm climate and the space that they are kept should be kept at a stable, warm temperature year round. Avoid changes and drafts that will raise or lower the temperature around the plants as well. Be mindful of AC units, vents, open windows, and fans that could affect the air temperature around the plants.

A Few Final Thoughts

Creating a beautiful indoor tropical garden is possible for anyone willing to put in a little time and effort. Sometimes, though, problems arise that call for an expert’s touch. Manuel Diaz Farms’ experts are here to help with any of your indoor tropical plant needs.