21st May 2024

5 Ways to Choose the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

When the COVID-19 spread throughout the earth, it negatively impacted the world’s economy. Many business sectors closed down due to lockdowns and preemptive measures to avoid the spread of this coronavirus.

Since 2008, there were financial system’s flaws leading to financial debt. Some of the possible solutions to this global problem are blockchain technology and Bitcoin.

You can look for several crypto investment opportunities as you learn more about Bitcoins. As an alternative to fiat currency, it is more convenient as it is digital and available to all types of people as long as there is an internet connection.

When the financial crisis worsens, this is the right time to search for alternatives and start investing in cryptocurrency.

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5 Ways to Choose the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

  1. Study the Availability of Cryptocurrency Exchange in Your Country

Countries come with different financial regulations that govern the cryptocurrency market. On some occasions, the country might not accept the deposited funds by an investor from another country through a specific currency.

For example, Australia accepts the USD, NZD, and AUD deposits, but it doesn’t allow New Zealand investors to deposit funds in NZD.

Before depositing, it is essential to check with the helpdesk or FAQs to see if the exchange accepts and supports your local fiat currency deposit from your resident area.

  1. Consider the Trading Fees

Being an investor or trader means it is crucial to consider low and competitive trading fees. When there are higher trading fees, it can take off a significant percentage from your native currency deposit. Fees also apply whenever you trade, sell, and buy cryptocurrency.

Another thing to consider is the spread fee. If you are not cautious, the spread fee could add up without your knowledge. Some cryptocurrency exchanges do not disclose the hidden charges.

  1. Find the Available Cryptocurrencies

The major coins that most cryptocurrency exchanges sell, buy, and trade are Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

Another lesson is known as altcoins need further review or study. You need to review whether the trading or exchange is available with your local fiat currency. For more background checking, you can visit their website to see the available cryptocurrencies.

  1. Conduct a Research on Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Prospect

Since the cryptocurrency exchanges appear not so long ago, its reputation is still hanging by a thread. You’ll find several new relating cryptocurrencies to theft, hacks, and security breaches.

Look up the cryptocurrency of your choice by searching the name of the exchange + “SCAM” in Google to see its reputation.

  1. Consider the Security Measures

The most credible exchange comes with SSL Site Security Certificate, Two-Factor Authentication, multi-signature authorization for withdrawals, transfer crypto funds direct to a hardware wallet, and cold storage wallets for a minimum of 90% of client’s funds.

Forums and social media are some of the platforms to see whether the exchange experiences security breaches.

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