21st July 2024

Dr. Michael Everest Helping Hospitals With Student Stipends

The Everest Foundation is committed to improving medical education and strives to be “Part of the Cure” as its driving concept. To that end, Dr. Michael Everest helping hospitals with generous donations is an everyday activity. Dr. Everest is an enthusiastic supporter of the Everest Foundation and chairman, president, and CEO of the Residents Medical Group, which is based in Los Angeles. He recently donated $500,000 to the University of California at Davis School of Medicine for IMG Pathology training.

IMG Pathology Training Is Critical in Today’s Medical Practices

International medical graduates can find pathology a rewarding and highly in-demand specialty because it impacts every area of medicine. Pathologists solve mysteries and medical problems through diagnostic tests of blood, bone marrow, and body fluids in an orderly manner to identify the causes of underlying illnesses, diseases, and chronic conditions. Trained pathologists run sophisticated labs and supply critical data to hospitals to improve hospital services and diagnostic efficiency.

Pathologists Often Serve as Unsung Heroes

Providing funds for IMG Pathology studies broadens the efficiency of hospitals and improves the care of patients. Although pathologists provide behind-the-scenes work, most don’t provide direct care for patients. However, this cutting-edge work saves lives, relieves pain, and restores impaired bodily functions. Pathologists are often unsung heroes to the general public, but they serve as mentors and heroes to medical students, working doctors, and hospital administrators.

Support for International Medical Students

Dr. Michael Everest explained that his philanthropic contribution to medical education will help to support international students, many of whom have received an excellent education in basic science but lack experience in the critical areas of pathology work and research. The gift will support international medical graduates with educational stipends to help them gain research training in pathology, which is one of the most forward-looking areas of medicine.

The U.C. Davis School of Medicine has a broad demographic of graduate Indians and Caribbean medical school graduates who need more training in pathology research. The Indian-American demographic has also increased dramatically in the Davis area. The stipends are designed to reward and encourage promising graduate students to get a foot in the door of pathology studies.

The Residents Medical Group program was founded by Everest’s father as U.S. Health Systems. His father, Dr. Edwin Everest, who was at one time a foreign graduate student, worked for many years to improve the quality of medical education in the United States, India, and the United Kingdom. Dr. Edwin Everest worked under one of the world’s most renowned cardiac surgeons, Dr. Michael DeBakey. Together they co-founded the concepts of The Everest Foundation to support charitable activities to improve and support advanced medical education and research. Dr. Micahel Everest made these concepts a reality by creating The Everest Foundation as a memorial to his father Dr. Edwin Everest. 

The University is well known as a top school for medical education. Its 20-year history has seen a large number of advanced medical degrees. The school offers career guidance services for medical students, ACGME accreditation for working in hospitals, and accelerated programs for international students that generate top-tier candidates for essential jobs in research and clinical practice.