18th April 2024

Must Know-Hots of Launch Monitors

It is knowing how a launch monitor technology works, how to utilize the monitor, and what role they have in a superior golf game that is essential. A computerized monitor is not a tutorial in the traditional sense of the word. It will not tell a user what to do. Instead, it tells the player what happens.

Common Launch Monitor Misunderstandings

Monitoring all the data points at once is confusing. Zeroes flash up on the board, and goals become an assumption. 

  • Avoid always displaying and working towards too many data point goals.
  • Avoid attempting to zero golfers out.

Uniqueness in Monitor Measurements

Missile target technology is how the virtual golf caddy monitors track much like a Doppler radar. The measurements include: measuring full flight of a golf ball, normalizing the launch conditions of the projectile, or eliminating wind and weather conditions.

Evolved camera technology measures the golf ball after the hit for the first twelve to twenty-four inches in many launch monitor systems. The higher the speed of the camera, the more images the user receives. The launch trajectory, direction, spin rates, and velocity uses software to calculate for accuracy.

Avoid Being Overwhelmed

The data that is put out by golfing monitor is overwhelming at times. The addition of smartphone apps makes it easier to access. But, if a user does not understand the data, the output is pointless.

Data Output By Launch Technology:

  • Angles
  • Paths
  • Club Speed & Efficiency
  • Club F-Axis
  • Ball Speed & Data
  • Side & Back Spin
  • Peak In Yards
  • Carry In Yards
  • Club Lie & Loft
  • Range in Yards

Why A Virtual Golf Tutor

Rain, wind, and various climates make ranges and greens nonassessable at times. The launch detector is there to practice in better conditions while setting them to the weather outside. Climates are unpredictable and knowing what equipment is best from turf to turf and weather event to weather event assists in creating a swing that even the biggest gust of wind cannot compete.

Understanding gear is part of a golfer’s game and lifestyle. From the golf ball to the various clubs, every green is different. The simulation optimizes not only the equipment owned but also what equipment is best to buy without wasting money.

The best professionals use launch monitors to continue to perfect their game. Using their knowledge of various worldwide greens and an array of weather conditions is also part of the system’s data output. Swing away and see how measuring up to PGA champs creates the feeling of competition while continuing the evolution of improvement.