18th January 2021

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How To Find The Best Online Decor Store

You can save numerous resources by choosing to shop for furniture and related accessories from an online decor store. You save time you could have spent driving around locating stores and ferrying the purchased goods from the furniture shop to your preferred destination. The convenience factor is vastly amplified when you opt to buy from […]

5 Common Home Insurance Myths You Need To Stop Believing Now

As a homeowner, you would agree with the fact that buying and maintaining property is not cheap these days. Your home loan probably takes a chunk out of your monthly salary. Yet, this is one payment we do not mind making, for a home is much more than its contents. It is the abode you […]

NRI Bank Account – Types and Features

Are you an NRI and are confused about opening an NRI bank account? Here is a quick guide on the different types of NRI bank accounts and their features.  Today, Indian banks allow the NRIs to manage their income from India and abroad through the NRI bank account. Anyone who qualifies as an NRI as […]

What are the Different Types of Bike Insurance Coverage in India?

Buying a new vehicle is a moment of celebration and joy. In India, with heavy traffic and narrow roads, two-wheelers have been the preferred mode of transport for most people. However, as compared to a four-wheeler, a two-wheeler needs to be balanced and hence, is more prone to accidents. Further, two-wheelers are also prone to […]

Are Debt Funds Suitable For My Financial Goals?

Before investing in any type of financial scheme, it is always better to have an efficient financial plan. The investment market is flooded with numerous financial schemes and sometimes deciding on which investment scheme to put your hard earned money can get confusing. Financial planning purses investors to determine their short term and long term […]

The FOD*BOSS Runway Sweepers  

Introduction One of the risk factors for an airport is debris on the runway, in the event of excess debris on the runway; a lot of adverse events can occur during the plane takeoffs and landings especially if the planes are fast speed jets like military jets or heavy carriers like military plane carriers. FOD […]

Top 5 Open Source and Commercial Secure Code Review Tools

The reviewing of coding is a crucial element of the process of development. And similar to this, the tools of code reviewing are the vital aspects of the team of developers. Here we presented the listing of topmost 5 open sources as well as the tools of commercial securing code reviewing. Code reviewing is an […]

Containerization for Big Data and Machine Learning

Using containers for big data The insights which can be obtained from reviewing big data sets with Apache Spark*, Hadoop*, and other big data frameworks are of great business value. But massive volumes on large computing clusters can take hours to handle. Such costs to the resource may be high. The cost of a job […]

Replacing Your Bathroom Tub

Most people enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub, particularly if the experience is more spa-like and less 1970’s, leaky mess. In today’s world of remodeling choices, consumers have a plethora of bathtub options. The only thing holding you back is figuring out what you want and need for your tub update. There are many […]

A Simplified Classification Of The GST Tax Rates In 2020

With the introduction and implementation of the centralised taxation system, several businesses were clueless about how they would be affected by it. This new system brings about changes in the way that many businesses have functioned since their origin, and we plan to guide you through what you need to know as a business owner […]