21st May 2024

Encore Hip Implants & Serious Injuries

Serious Injuries Being Caused from Encore Hip Implants

There have been a number of serious injuries reported associated with Encore hip implants in recent years. Many people undergo hip replacement surgery, which is a very common surgery that helps to take away the pain and give a person back their mobility. This surgery is rather common in patients that suffer from hip injuries, arthritis, or other diseases. Approximately half a million people undergo hip implant surgery each year. Sometimes there are patients that have to have a second surgery or even a revision since there are many side effects that come along with it. These side effects and injuries from the hip replacements were so severe to the point it prompted an Encore hip replacement recall.

Side Effects Associated with Hip Implants

The below side effects should prompt an individual to seek immediate medical attention. These are some of the side effects that have been reported by patients that have had a metal on metal hip replacement.

  • Bone fracture
  • Infection
  • Hip pain
  • Infection
  • Metal blood poisoning
  • Loosening of device or dislocation
  • Pain when walking or standing
  • Tissue damage resulting from metal debris

Creator of Encore Hip Implants

A company by the name of Encore Medical manufactured these Encore hip implants. The company is based in Texas. DJO Surgical stationed out of San Diego, CA now owns Encore Medical. It is wise to mention that these Encore hip implants are not traditional metal on metal hip implants. The Encore hip plans are designed with a metal insert made up of cobalt melt and chromium. The metal part ends up grinding on the metal head of the “ball” component of the implant after normal wear and tear. As a result, a metal on metal joint is created.

Ongoing Concerns

There has been much-noted controversy regarding Encore hip implants and other metal on metal implants. According to the Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Devices Advisory Panel, 95% of patients with a hip replacement device haven’t needed a revision surgery until seven years after their first implant. However, this is the total opposite for those that have metal on metal hip implants. They have had to undergo way more revision surgeries than those average patients. There have been settlement deals in the past for metal on metal hip replacements as a result of impending lawsuits that have accused these devices of causes severe injuries.

Be Watchful

Since there has been an Encore hip replacement recall, it is wise for people that have had one of these devices implanted to be on the lookout for any severe side effects. Those patients may qualify for some type of financial compensation for the loss of income, medical expenses, and any injuries that they may have suffered.