24th April 2024

The Timeless Craft For Generations To Admire And Follow

Humans have made their mark on this planet with art. Most ancient wood art or wall paintings are immortal. But in today’s atmosphere, we need substances to protect our woods and inventions based on them. Lacquer (แล็ ก เกอร์, which is the term in Thai) is one such material that has existed for centuries.

It is a highly valued medium in art, craftsmanship, and design due to its stunning beauty, toughness, and extensive history. This substance, which comes from a tree, aids in coating the wooden surface. Along with making the wood more beautiful, it aids in waterproofing. They have been developed and are a significant type of art in their field.

A Powerful Source Of Protection And Art

The power of such natural materials is not limited to one purpose. For both protection and art, lacquer is helpful to all. One can easily design and implement their thoughts to create a masterpiece for the craft. Multiple layers help in sustaining the design and protecting it from external threats.

Skilled hands and experienced eyes can make good use of it. Its preparation required the careful completion of several challenging tasks. It is quickly applied and may easily give them the desired appearance. The wood’s many hues and patterns increase its transparency and use.

The Legacy Of Beauty

Every culture and nation has its methods. The most prevalent structures from ancient civilizations are still in use. Asian countries used different designs and color patterns that are now part of their history. Designs and colors such as:

  • Motif Patterns
  • Use Of Gold And Silver Color
  • Bold Colors
  • Landscapes

Many of its remarkable qualities have a constant or rising value. Our forefathers highlighted the decorative usage of objects, and they are being employed for numerous reasons now. The material’s combination with a single use is advantageous for several interior decorations.


The art of lacquer represents a harmonic fusion of tradition, creativity, and artistic expression, whether it is an ancient lacquerware masterpiece or a modern creation. This legendary craft by our ancestors is for future generations to admire and enjoy if we value and support it.

Despite its ongoing allure, wooden art confronts some difficulties. Bowls, trays, and decorative items made of lacquer serve both practical and adorning functions in homes and art collections across the globe. The variety of lacquer methods and aesthetics reflects the numerous artistic inspirations and rich regional traditions.