13th June 2024

Fantasy Kabbadi –an online skill based game

Kabbadi is a popular sport in India and is a skill based game liked by sports lovers. Fantasy Kabbadi is a virtual game that game lovers love to play online. It provides a platform where you can create Fantasy Kabbadi team or squad that involves players. The team can be created according to your choice and similarly players are also selected as per your likes. The performance of players and team in real life is compared with opponent’s players. With the available information about the players scores can be easily compared. The information about the player might relate either to present or past performances. New Fantasy Kabbadi app are available that can be downloaded by the Kabbadi lovers to play online.

Fantasy Kabbadi is promoted to beat the opponent with as much margin as possible to make more gains through margin. The players should be chosen efficiently according to their performance. Through various sites one can easily learn the Fantasy Kabbadi tips and tricks to have the best experience of the sport and win the match. For creating a match winning team selection of players play an important role. The ease of gaming attracts the players now. There are players who love to have online games with various players in group or with a friend circle. One can also play with system as well as other online groups or players.

Play Fantasy Kabbadi App:

Downloading the app to play Fantasy Kabbadi app is very easy. The user just needs to open the app and enter the mobile number. The download link of the app is available on mobile phone. The user when clicks on the link and the file start downloading on the mobile. Fantasy Kabbadi can be enjoyed playing on the app downloaded in the mobile phones. When the file is downloaded from the official website of fantasy sports they are scanned and are 100% safe and secure. The fantasy Kabbadi game online can also be played on Fantasy sports app that is easily downloaded from play-store also. The online game is available for both Android and IOS platform and runs smoothly on both the systems. One can play and earn cash prizes as well as rewards when you become perfect in playing these online sports game. The amount of prizes and other rewards varies over a period with the change and category of games.

Factors affecting the Fantasy Kabbadi:

Fantasy Kabbadi is a totally skill based game that is largely affected by the understanding about the sport and your instincts. The goal of the game is to create a team that is match winning. The team should have maximum players that can give their best while performing the game. The factors that affect the Fantasy Kabbadi game are as follows:

  • Playing conditions
  • Current form of track record
  • Opposition
  • Previous experience of playing with the same opposition
  • Uncapped players
  • Strength and weaknesses
  • Status: Injured, recovering and making a come back
  • Availability of chosen players
  • List of players who can score Bonus points for the team

Other factors are also there that affect the performance online Fantasy Kabbadi team. The best part of Fantasy Kabbadi is that apart from players the people watching the game can also play Kabbadi and earn good money. Like other games in the Fantasy Kabbadi game one can also create virtual team using real players. This creates a brilliant platform for Kabbadi lovers. As in real team the Fantasy Kabbadi virtual team has to select 7 players that include defenders, all-rounders and raiders.

Rewards and Bonus:

Fantasy Kabbadi online game gives a complete experience of online gaming of your favorite sport. It includes Kabbadi Fantasy leagues, monthly promotions, fantasy point system, referral bonuses, top rewards and monthly leader-boards. The sport that is loved by the user can be played by showing your better skills and passion for a winning match between the teams.

How to play Fantasy Kabbadi?

  • Step-1 (Choosing your team): while starting a game you have to first elect the Fantasy Kabbadi team of 9 players. These players will include Raiders- minimum 2-maximum 3, All-rounders- minimum 2-maximum 3, Defenders- minimum3-maximum 5, Squad- Maximum 5 players from a single team. Star Player gets 3 times the points scored by him; Captain gets 1.5 times the scored points. Player per team- you can create your own team of 9 players from both the teams and compete against each other. Detailed information regarding all the rules are provided by the app.
  • Step -2: while selecting the team one should also select the star player to score more points and take into consideration everything that can create a match-winning team to win the game.
  • Step-3: once your squad is prepared you can easily use this squad to play and join matches. Through these squads one can play the matches, earn cash prizes and rewards. You can also win these matches through skills and knowledge regarding the sport.

Rules for playing Kabbadi Fantasy:

Team formation: team formation is an important consideration for every game. Very carefully the team is chosen that includes raiders, all-rounders and defenders. Captain and vice –captain needs to be selected considering that their performance will provide more points than they score. The points are scored by the players both for their performance and their inclusion in the team.

Game Play: Super tackle will get points equal for successful tackle plus a super tackle. Raider would get negative points for Getting Out and more points for Putting Out. When all the opponent players are Pushed Out it will give points to the offensive team.

Discipline: when team gets a disciplinary card for Getting All Out or Pushing All Out will provide points in a different manner to the team. These cards can be Red, Yellow and Green.

Extra Time: Any event played during the Extra time that affects the game play will definitely attract points for the team. The events that are played during Golden raids are not eligible for points.