21st May 2024

Why wardrobes cannot be ditched while designing a room

Wardrobes top the list of essential things in a room. The room is built using four walls and a ceiling. It is almost formless. The wardrobes add a personality to the room. These make the room suitably convenient and serve the exact purpose, i.e. shelter and comfort. The comfort is provided to the inhabitants that need a sheltering option for their things that they need and earn over period and so deserve a lot of care and caution. The wardrobe serves various purposes, some of which are:

  1. Create a nice orientation for the room

Though the room is planned in terms of entrances and balconies, the wardrobes define the orientation of the contents that occupy it. Thus, once you have kept the wardrobe or have installed it in the room, you automatically find out where the other contents will be placed. A wardrobe, therefore, acts as a starting point of designing the room.

  1. Help maximize the space of the room

Wardrobe offers a systematic way of storing things like clothes, accessories, jewellery and so on. Imagine keeping them all with no almirah, cupboard or wardrobes! You are most likely to over stuff the place turning it into a mess. The wardrobes allow you utilizing the space beautifully and to its full potential.

  1. Influence other important decisions

When the wardrobes are placed in the room, you can think of whether to go for king size or queen size bed. You can also understand the draping needs of the room better and use curtains according to the tone and texture of the wardrobes. Since these are going to be just like an elephant in the room, these certainly cannot be avoided while finalizing the design and development of other components occupying the room.

  1. Instrumental in deciding the color scheme

The color of the walls and ceilings are largely decided on the basis of the color of the components of the room. Since wardrobes are the most visible and most distinct item in the room, you get to pick the color of the walls and other components basis the tone of these. some of the interesting color schemes of the wardrobes are grey, butter cream, blue, black and green and so on. The other parts can be coordinated with these colors quite easily to create a comfortable and happy place.

  1. Offer ease of arranging the room and its content systematically

Wardrobes are the ultimate storage essentials of any room. These store almost your whole world for you. Right from keeping the suitcases to the accessories like make-up essentials, there is a room for everything in the wardrobes. Thus, your room becomes organized; better put, mess-free and you are able to access things well on time. The protective abilities of the wardrobes elongate the shelf-life of clothes and other contents too.

So, never ever ditch the idea of having wardrobes in the room. These are the best things that can happen to any place. Thankfully, there is a plethora of designs to pick from while buying or installing wardrobes allowing you to make your room look the best.