21st May 2024

BBQs 2U is the Best Place to find Grills and Ovens

If there is one brand that pays utmost importance to customer satisfaction and customer service, then that brand is BBQs 2U. They are based in the United Kingdom and have been running their family business. Their quality of services and rich experience is why they are at the top of business in the United Kingdom today

They sell a wide variety of  Kamado Joe BBQsMasterbuilt Gravity BBQsNapoleon barbecues and Ooni Pizza Ovens. No matter what your priorities are, they have something for everyone. In the UK, people love barbequing more than anything. However, it becomes very difficult to find time to barbeque. 

The Kamado grills save your time at barbequing thus, you would never have to sacrifice on your favourite hobby. Buy these Kamado joe grills on Kamado Joe Classic Black Friday sale wherein, the products are available at a slashed price. One of the best Kamado joe products is the Kamado Joe Classic 2. 

Kamado Joe Classic 2.

There are several monumental changes in the kamado joe classic 2 which make it better than its predecessor classic joe. The first time the world noticed the Kamado Joe UK was because of its unique multi-ties cooking technique. At different grates, you can cook different foods and the heat deflection system allows you to cook different foods at varying temperature.

The kamados made of ceramic are heavy. You can easily feel the weight when you lift it. the massive dome lid makes the ceramic made kamado very prone to breakage. This is why there is an airlift hinge in the kamado, which prevents the heavy dome lid to come down like a hammer and ram the body of the kamado. 

Some manufacturers prefer putting a small spring that acts as a shock absorber for the impact of the fall of the dome. The airlift hinge reduces the impact of the falling dome by 96% and thus, you can lift the dome even by a finger. You may shut down the air vents for slow cooking. This gives a richer and smokier flavour to the food. 

The classic 2 also comes with a vent at the top which maintains the consistency of adequate airflow. The stainless-steel latch allows an ultra-tight seal to your food. The AMP firebox is a newly added advanced multipaneled box that reduces the possibility of breakage. The game-changer is the slide-out ash drawer.

Since cleaning the grill after cooing is a difficult job, the classic 2 comes with a sliding ash drawer that collects all the ash underneath the firebox. You can easily eliminate the remaining ash after you are done with the cooking session


Cooking has never been easier. With the latest Kamado joe, you can do your favourite barbeques at any point in time. These kamados are available at a slashed price in the black Friday sale at BBQs 2U. they have an array of products to check out from. You can connect with them on PinterestFacebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to stay updated.