21st July 2024

Things To Do In a Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks have a variety of things to do when you visit. Trampoline parks are popping up everywhere, and children love them. These bouncy parks are a fantastic way for families to have fun and get great exercise, no matter what the outside weather is like.Although you will have a load of fun, it is important to remember that safety comes first. Permanent injury can occur if there is one bad jump,fall or bounce.


Take some time and review and complete the waiver to ensure you are taking advantage of being safe, along with making yourself aware of the safety guidelines on the trampoline park website. A separate waiver should be filled out for each individual person attending the park.You cannot jump without a waiver. The trampoline park will most likely ask you to watch a safety video before enjoying your visit. It is also a good idea to check the park’s website for addition discount or age restrictions when purchasing anything.Check for military, coupons, lowered prices and other discounts that may be available.Keep in mind that school field trips,holidays and weekends may be the busiest time, so going to the trampoline park may be more enjoyable if you avoid these busy times. 

Trampoline parks have a lot of room, but the indoor foam pit can only be used by a single person at a time. It’s not so easy to climb out of an indoor foam pit, so keeping it at one person per few minutes will help keep everyone safe so you aren’t jumping on anyone. The not so fun part is that you will have to wait for a single turn to take a leap into the foam pit if there is a line in front of you. An uncrowded trampoline park is much safer for visitors. The clothing you wear at trampoline park makes a big difference. You should wear comfortable clothing to help you move around more freely, like yoga pants, t-shirts or gym shorts. Not Tight jeans and a shirt that is too tight.Wearing jewelry isn’t a good idea if you are going to a trampoline park to jump. Jewelry can be easily lost or snagged off of you at a trampoline park. Most of these parks have lockers for your valuable items located at the front desk and are monitored by the employees. But, the safest place to keep your items is either at home or your locked vehicle. Another thing to remember is socks. 

Some parks require jumpers to wear socks and other parks do not require socks at all. Make sure you check the website or call before your trip to see if you will need socks or just take a pair just in case. You may also purchase socks with safety grips at the trampoline park for a low price. These socks are reusable and washable, so there is no need to purchase them each visit. Safety is a big concern for everyone and staying hydrated falls under safety. There are water fountains at the trampoline park to help visitors stay hydrated and you can also bring your own water bottle. All of the jumping and exercise will tire you out, you will sweat and will definitely need water. Adults can jump too and will need to follow the same safety procedures in order to stay safe. For the non-jumpers who attend the trampoline park will have a space sit and watch the fun and excitement. Not everyone who comes to a trampoline park is able to jump and climb. For those who have young children, it is important to keep a close eye on their little ones instead of jumping.