21st July 2024

KENT CamEye: An excellent choice to ensure on-road safety of your child

I am a single parent of my 15 years old daughter, but I never let her feel devoid of her mother’s love. I do every possible thing to keep her happy and fulfill all her wishes. Though, in between all our father-daughter cheerful bonding, I never forget to ensure her safety.

I don’t let her go alone to any places, even if I often stay busy with my business meetings. Therefore, I have hired a chauffeur to pick and drop my daughter to her places.

However, with the day to day incidences in the news, I don’t want to give a single chance for any regret. I even make sure that she is driven safely in the car, and it is KENT CamEye that helps me in getting this job done.

I got to know about KENT CamEye through one of my friends after he finds me quite worried about my daughter’s safety. I then searched on the internet to know more about this GPS based dash camera and read its complete review.

While reading, I felt like this product has been designed for me only, it was a eureka moment for me. Without giving a second thought, I ordered the one for my daughter’s safety. I let her know that I am putting it into the car just to stay connected with her and for my peace of mind.

The moment I get my device delivered, I immediately installed it into my car.  It hardly took 10-12 minutes as the installation part was very easy and didn’t require any mechanical help.

I simply tucked the long enough USB cable (provided with the device) around the roof and clamped the KENT CamEye dash cam with the adhesive mount.  Next, I downloaded the KENT CamEye App in my smartphone and synced it with the device for future use. I found all the features under the hamburger menu icon.

Now, whenever my daughter is driven to her places by my chauffeur, I remain in touch with her through the KENT CamEye app and device. It starts with the notification of trip start, and then I get to know my daughter is on her way to school or coaching classes.

KENT CamEye allows live video streaming of both the inside and outside view of the car. So, I go to the app and stream the real-time video to check if she is comfortably driven to her place or not. In case, I am occupied with my work, I prefer to check the time-lapse video recorded during the trip and see the different trips taken during the day. As a matter of fact all trips are recorded and stored on cloud for 90 days.

As soon as she reaches her destination, a notification pops-up in my mobile letting me know about it. Additionally, I can keep a check on my driver’s driving behaviour. I don’t want him to drive rashly or at a dangerous speed.

I have set the speed limit which I feel is safe for both of them so, if the chauffeur tries to go beyond the limit, an alert triggers on my mobile informing about the over speeding.

There are selected places where my daughter goes to, and I have listed them in the places of interest option. So I am informed when the trip starts and reaches any one of the places of interest. Moreover, to ensure her safety a little more, while she is being driven by the chauffeur, I put a geo-fence around the location as a precautionary step.

It’s a virtual kind of boundary that can be created around a particular location, so even if the driver would try crossing that boundary I will know about it instantly.

Overall, KENT CamEye has offered a real peace of mind to me. This dash cam is an excellent device with satisfactory results, more than what I had read in reviews.