24th April 2024

Should You Be Insuring Your Gadgets?

Do you love getting the latest smartphone? Maybe you enjoy using the latest headphones? If you love anything gadget and electronic related, then you know how important these items can be to a person.

Now, have you ever had something stolen? Maybe even thrown to the floor, shattering the screen? Things like this feel terrible, and buying replacements or getting certain products fixed can be costly.

There are ways, however, to find insurance on certain products to save money if they’re stolen or happen to break. Check out a variety of types of insurance on brokerlink.ca as many consider it a really worthy investment.

Saving Money

The top cell phones these days cost an arm and a leg. If you lose one, replacing them can cost a fortune. They can go for over $1000 nowadays. Having an extended guarantee, or insurance, you can definitely save a lot of money.

Repairs are also costly. The most common repair is for cracked screens and can cost you around $277 on average to fix. That’s not cheap. If your phone is under guarantee, you would get this fixed for free. Some insurance options even include bonuses, like a free headset when you have to repair a product.

Accidents Happen

It’s a very rare case that an electronic device is damaged intentionally. But accidents can happen, and quite often. Phones falling off of tables, out of pockets, or even down the toilet can be a common occurrence. So, to avoid buying a new one, you end up walking around with a very weathered phone.

It’s quite common to see people with big cracks and scuffs on their phones. Cases may protect a bit, but many times it isn’t enough. If only they’d gotten insurance, right?

Pickpockets Are Out There

People these days can be very trusting. Phones and other gadgets are often kept in back pockets. How easy is it for someone to bump into you on the subway and quickly snatch it? It’s not nice to think about, but it happens.

Unless you remember religiously to keep it hidden away then you are at risk of theft. And who keeps their phone that far out of reach anyway? It would take ages to answer it if someone calls.

Insurance would mean that stolen phones would get replaced instantly. Instead of wasting money, you simply call and get a replacement. Not everyone has the money on hand to buy a new product every time one of their devices breaks. So, to avoid walking around with an old brick of a phone get insured!

The Bottomline

If you want to make sure you’re always holding the latest model to your ear, you need to think about insuring your gadgets. Or, consider looking into an extended warranty.

Sure, accidents and thefts happen. But, if you are a victim to these, don’t make it a reason to spend hundreds of dollars when you could have spent none! Be wise and take care of those expensive luxuries.