21st May 2024

Top 5 Benefits a Dedicated Music Headphone Can Bring to You

Music has become a part of people’s lives with over tens of thousands of new catchy songs being released each year. Quality music headphones are hence demanded greatly among fans to boost their listening experience. I am a music lover, and listening to music through a professional music headphone provides a far superior feeling, joy and comfortability compared to regular earbuds.

Famous brands such as Sony, Audio Technica and Sennheiser each year tend to introduce to the headphone market at least one major entry with strong performances and advanced technology. There are also new competitors entering the market with high affordability and decent specs, such as SOMiC from China. The headphones war is getting more fierce, and new stars can certainly not be taken lightly.

Today I am not going into much details in sharing my thoughts on the competition. Let’s instead look at what benefits a music headphone can offer, what makes consumers so fond of these products that firms have to fight for this precious ‘gold mine’.

The five primary advantages that enhance your experience

Superior sound quality

Thanks to the size of a music headphone, a bigger driver up to 40mm can be fitted into the item. A larger driver means a headphone can deliver a better base. For example, the SOMiC SC2000BT headphone employs a 40mm quality titanium-plated driver for its sound units to ensure a high-fidelity output.

Further, the size also provides more room for manufacturers to place more speakers, which generate a more effective stereo or even virtual surrounding sound than earbuds. Some headphones offer app control so that consumers can manually alter the output sources from multiple speakers and create their own preferred listening experience.

Noise cancellation

Once again the size has contributed to a better performance in noise cancellation, particularly over-ear headphones. In terms of passive noise cancellation, over-ear headphones can seal ears to separate them entirely from outside noises. Meanwhile, a music headphone is made with materials like sound isolation earpads, which can further improve the ability to cut off noises completely.

Moreover, an active noise cancelling component can be housed in a headphone and remains aesthetically pleasing as one unit. It is a small device that produces a reverse sound wave; therefore the outside noise can be neutralised. Earphone requires an extension that is almost the same size as the product itself to enable an active noise cancellation. Overall, headphones have an advantage over earbuds on this aspect.

Extensive listening duration

A single charge to a pair of headphones can provide over 30 hours of play time for most of the major brands. Sony’s main product can offer 30 hours, and the SOMiC SC2000BT provides even 38 hours. On the other hand, a three to five hours single charge play time is the standard for mainstream wireless earbuds. No one wishes a song to stop right before it reaches the favourite part. The benefit for enjoying music as much as you want is obvious.

Comfortable use experience

Soft earpads release more pressure compared to inserting earbuds in your ears, which can cause discomfort to many users. As they are worn over the ear, headphones do not touch your ears at all when wearing them. Covering ears with cushion-like material is the ultimate experience boost when listening to your favorite songs.

Do not carry as many infections and avoid hearing loss

The hygiene of our ears is essential. Headphones can reduce the chance of an ear infection as they do not require you to insert the device in your ears; thus, they have no contact with your inner ears. Furthermore, to hear sounds louder and easier, earbuds tend to be engineered to enable you to insert them into your ears deeper than what it would be recommended for your safety. This habit can affect your eardrum negatively and cause hearing loss in the long run.

Potentials waiting for you to discover

The development of technology and materials application has led this bulky product to become much lighter than a decade ago. Its natural size and design also provide more protection on both sophisticated components and detachable wires used to connect your headphones to a phone or computer.

There are dozens of benefits that I have not introduced in details yet. More positive sides in using a quality headphone are waiting for you to be reveal and experienced. While those world famous brands remain strong, new contenders like SOMiC are an unstoppable force to be recognised. We should pay more attention to what they can bring us in the future, and how they can take users to an immersive music world.