27th May 2024

Gift Ideas for Revheads


Have a revhead in your life? Are they all about cars and all things vehicle? Revheads are obsessed with cars and things like engine power, restoration, and classic vehicles. If you care about someone whose passion is trucks or cars, here are some gift ideas they’ll love.

Accessories and Products

Whether it’s garage floor mats for snow, a steering wheel cover, hub caps, or a new front grill, accessories make perfect gifts for revheads. From SUV to big rig, revheads can be quite particular about the accessories they put on their vehicles. For this reason, if you are considering a big purchase that requires mounting or could be considered static, you’ll want to talk to your revehead ahead of time to be sure you know what they want. While it may ruin the surprise, them happy with the new accessory for their truck, classic car, or another vehicle will pay off.

If big-ticket accessory items make you nervous, you can always go with chemicals and products that help clean and detail the car. From carpet cleaners and exterior waxes to interior conditioning treatments for the dashboard, you can never really go wrong with products used for vehicles of all makes and models. For extra points, collect a few and gift them in a plastic auto care box so they can use it when it’s time to pull out those microfiber rags and other cleaning tools.

Help with Financing

If the revhead on your list is short on cash and needs help with a car loan, one way to help them meet their next purchase goal is to consider being a co-signer. If your credit score is in good shape and you don’t mind an hour or so at the dealership and trust your revhead, you could be a part of making their dreams come true. Especially for a teenager or young adult, car financing can be an exciting time, but the idea of an auto loan without backing could also feel overwhelming.

Even if you don’t want to co-sign, you could go with your revhead to help them decide on a loan amount they were comfortable with, what warranty to buy, and even whether or not to go with a certain lender or financial institution. If you have experience with financing, just being there while your revhead works their way through financing qualifications would be a fantastic gift.

Another way to help with financing is a cash gift or loan to put toward the down payment on their next loan or pay the last one-off. Bigger down payment will help keep the monthly payment down and might add up to even more savings on a new car’s loan interest.

Gift Cards

There aren’t many things revheads love more than gift certificates to their favorite shop or parts seller. Ever dreaming of how to spruce up their new vehicle, car enthusiasts often have planned long in advance of receiving those gift cards. If you aren’t sure what they’ll want or need for their next vehicle, consider a gift card to their favorite parts, mechanic, or detailing shop.


Nothing changes the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle like a new rim replacement. Any revhead will love a new set of rims or money toward them. A gift they’ll feel great about, giving new rims will make even older cars feel new again. Like accessories, you may want to check with your revhead in advance about their preferences.

In the end, revheads are an easy group to shop for. Something as simple as new rubber mats or a car detail gift certificate will leave them smiling. Helping with a vehicle purchase or just being there to listen to their enthusiasm about their next vehicle and going for that test drive could even be enough. Have fun shopping for your revhead, and don’t forget to buckle up!