21st May 2024

Signs You Need Orange County Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Many individuals aren’t able to get the help they need when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab. It could be avoiding help due to uncertainty or because they are ashamed. If you or someone you know is dealing with an addiction, there are some signs that mean it’s time for Orange County drug and alcohol rehab.

Physical Health Problems Due to Addiction

Substance abuse affects health in a number of ways. It does take a period of time before you are able to notice the health issues. If you notice physical changes then it’s your body giving you warning signs about the severity of addiction.

Relationships with Friends and Family Are Strained

Addictions can put strain on relationships and create tension between you and your loved ones. Repeated use can make you irritated and more prone to arguing. If your addiction has caused you to reach a point of creating distance between you and your loved ones then you may need professional help.

Relying on Substance to Get through the Day

Addiction can start out as just using a substance occasionally but as addiction progresses, you may rely more heavily on a substance to get through the day. If you feel like you need a substance, it can be a signal that addiction has become a serious problem.

Academic or Work Life Has Suffered

At the beginning, it can be easy to incorporate using alcohol or drugs without noticing much. As it starts to develop, the addiction becomes noticeable in areas of your life, such as work or school.

You Value Addiction Over Previous Interests

If you have started to lose interest in things that used to give you satisfaction then you have a serious dependence.

You Have Lied about Use

If a loved one has questioned you about your abuse, and you have lied about it, then it can be a sign that you feel you need to start hiding use from others and addiction has progressed.

Legal Trouble Due to Using

If you have had any legal trouble due to substance abuse or drinking then it means you don’t have control over your behavior and you need some professional help. A DUI shouldn’t be treated as no big deal and instead should be a wake up call.

Missing Important Obligations or Events

Addiction doesn’t just affect you and can also have negative consequences for those around you. If you are missing out on something important in favor of substance abuse, it’s a sign you could use help.

Friends and Family Talk to You about Getting Help

Your friends and family are a huge resource for you when it comes to Orange County drug and alcohol rehab and if they have spoken to you about concerns, you might want to take them seriously. It may be what you need to motivate you.