24th April 2024

Water Damage Inside The Watch Needs To Be Resolved Attentively

The most annoying thing that we face is when water sweeps inside our watch and creates water droplets and fogs inside it by which we can’t see the time properly. Sometimes the glass also got cracked due to various ways of mishandling the watches. So there are various reasons that our watch can get damaged; here we will discuss a few causes and remedies to get over this issue.

Why Does Water Enter Inside A Watch?

So water damage in watches (นาฬิกา น้ำ เข้า, which is the term in Thai) is the most common problem in wristwatches. Firstly all watches are not waterproof, especially the ones that are on the cheaper side. So if it comes in contact with a splash of water then automatically the water will get inside it and will create fog. While doing the dishes can also damage your watch. If you are buying a water-resistant watch, then you must check the manual whether it can be used for swimming and also set a range like 10 bar or 100mm in water.

Few watches are not fully water resistant, but few of us start washing, swimming, and bathing while wearing them, and this ends up damaging it completely.

What Kind Of Damage Do They Cause?

Several features turn your watch water resistant; the most important is the gasket, which is oval and is made of rubber, nylon or Teflon, which makes the watertight seals, restricting the water flowing inside it.

Once the water gets inside it, the mechanism can be damaged permanently. Water can cause rusting and corrosion if it’s not dried out quickly. Once it gathers rust, it’s hard to get it back to a normal stage. If your watch is not properly sealed, then your sweat can sweep inside the watch and will result in creating moisture damaging the circuit board and wetting the battery.

How Can It Be Resolved?

Few home remedies will help to soak the moisture instantly,

Firstly,  if your watch gets soaked in water then dip the watch in a bucket full of rice. Rice will help to soak the water instantly. Keep it overnight for 3 to 6 hours and keep the lid on the rice bucket so that air can’t get inside it and help in soaking the moisture completely.

Secondly,  a moisture proof bag will also help in resolving the water damage in watches. A zipper bag or any air-tight bag is good to do the process as moisture must not enter there and then place the watch for 2 to 3 hours; a moisture-proof bag will soak the moisture completely.

Thirdly, a hair dryer can also resolve your issue, but for that, you need to open a part of the watch to dry out the water from there.

If all these remedies don’t work, then it’s better to get help from the clockmaker to resolve the issue.


After buying fancy or pricy watches, it’s best to preserve them carefully, as mishandling can result in losing your favourite watch. Preventive measures must be taken, and try not to open the watch without knowing the mechanism as it can damage a single wire, resulting in impairing the whole watch.