21st May 2024

3 Areas of Family Law a Family Lawyer Can Assist With

Family lawyers are skilled law professionals who have expertise in dealing with legal matters that are specific to families. This can encompass matters such as divorce and subsequent child custody agreements as well as other disputes, such as settling complex estates between multiple family members. In the event that a dispute proceeds to litigation, a family lawyer can also represent litigants and help them defend their legal rights, as well as seek any compensation they may be entitled to.

If you’re thinking of hiring a family lawyer, it can help to first gain an understanding of the different areas they work across and the kinds of issues they can assist you with. Here are three areas a family lawyer can help with.

Drafting and Execution of a Will

Some family lawyers can help individuals draft their will and divide their assets among family and friends upon their death. They can act as a mediator after the fact and help ensure the deceased’s wishes are executed accurately.

On the flip side, in the event that a family member wishes to contest a will if they feel it does not make fair provisions for them or they have evidence to suggest the person was not in a stable frame of mind when writing the will, then a family lawyer can advocate on their behalf and attempt to amend the will.

Estates and Financial Settlements

Estates and financial settlements can quickly become complex depending on the number of parties involved as well as their relation to the deceased. If a will was never drafted or verbalised, dividing the assets of the deceased can rapidly devolve into chaos and lead to acrimony amongst family and friends.

Family lawyers can help untangle and sort through any complexities during an estate settlement and ensure that a fair and unbiased solution for all parties involved is reached. They may employ the help of forensic accountants, valuers and other experts to assist in accurately evaluating the estate in question. They will then use mediation tactics to reach a fair compromise for all parties involved.


It’s an unfortunate truth, but sometimes a marriage may reach a point where divorce truly is the best course of action for all involved. Family lawyers can help their clients initiate the divorce process and then mediate between the parties. The issue of divorce itself can be a confusing one to navigate, and if not handled delicately, it can exact a higher emotional toll than what might be necessary.

The advantage of hiring a family lawyer for this process is that clients can outsource the somewhat complex legal tasks and documents to a trained professional so that they may focus on preserving their physical and emotional wellbeing whilst going through what can be a very difficult time.

A good family lawyer will aim to help all parties reach a settlement without the issue escalating to litigation, saving their clients on legal fees as well as saving them from the emotional trauma of fighting their former spouse in the courtroom.