25th June 2024

5 Signs Your Solar Panel Requires Repair

Solar panels are built to last for 25-30 years.  This being said, it is one of the reasons why solar panels are great sources of renewable energy.  The purchase and initial installation may be costly, but it will save you a ton of money in the long run and save the environment too.

Some people, though, hesitate on installing solar panels in their homes for the fact that it might need a lot of care and attention when it comes to maintenance.  However, solar panels can be safely installed up in your roof far from the possible destructions caused by human day-to-day activities.

Of course, solar panels, once installed, will not stay in great shape forever.  From time to time you may notice that it also needs some repairs. Watch out for these signs so you can address the problem immediately before it gets worse.


There are plenty of reasons for low power production. It could be caused by dirt being trapped on the solar panels, or loose connections. Even cloudy skies can lower the power output. However, if it’s a sunny day, and the panels are clean, perhaps there are more underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Your panels should not drop below 80% of their production capacity in the first 25 years.  If that happens, it’s time for you to call your service company to have it checked out.  Normally they provide warranty on your solar panels, and you can at least free yourself from extra costs.


Solar panel glass is actually very durable and can withstand even extreme weather. However, some accidents may not be avoided.  Bird droppings, tree branches, fallen fruits, stones and other objects may hit the glass panels and cause it to crack or break.

When your glass panels have cracks, it may cause serious problems as water may get inside and damage the panels. It is good to have your maintenance company check your glass panels especially after bad weather conditions, just to check if everything is in great shape.  If one or more of these glasses are broken, it has to be replaced and repaired immediately.


Sometimes manufacturing defects, and installation and wiring issues cannot be avoided.  When your solar system just shuts down, you have to call your installer immediately to check for loose wires and any other issues.

However, if your inverter shuts down frequently, perhaps it is getting too much voltage.  So you might want to change your inverter settings or your set-up.


The inverter is the heart of your solar system. It is responsible for converting the direct current of the solar panels into usable energy. When it breaks down, the rest of the system cannot function as well. Check for any green or red lights; green means it’s working optimally, while red means there’s a problem.

When you see a red light, it is a signal for you to call your solar company to have it checked for problems and malfunctions.  Sometimes the problem is way beyond simple repair, and they may have to advise a solar inverter repair and replacement.


Any inconsistency in your power output may mean some loose connections in your wiring.  It happens especially if you don’t conduct regular maintenance check-ups, or if you remodel your roof.

As a solar panel owner, it’s part of your responsibility to maintain solar panel check-ups from time to time to ensure that the overall system is functioning well.  And if you have plans of remodelling your roof, contact your solar company as well to assist you in moving your panels safely.

Solar panels are not that hard to take care of.  As long as you keep yourself aware of sudden changes in its performance and address them, you will be able to keep it working optimally and enjoy the benefits in the next 30 years.