25th June 2024

Perth Mint Announces New Chinese Calendar Coin

Gold coins are produced by different mints all across the globe. They come in different designs and sizes and are bought and sold for various reasons, the main one being that they are a safe haven investments. In Australia, the main gold coin producer is Perth Mint. The mint is one of the largest exporters of gold bullion coins. The mint exports over $18 billion worth of gold bullion in the form of coins and bars to more than a 100 countries on a yearly basis. The best place to buy gold bullion Brisbane is from the Brisbane Gold Company.

The country’s best selling gold coin is the Australian Kangaroo, made from 24 karat gold. The Australian kangaroo coin features the iconic Australian marsupial, the Kangaroo. The Australian Kangaroo gold coin has a face value of $100. It is available in a variety of sizes like 1/10th ounce, 1/4th ounce and 1/2 ounce.  different sizes have different face values. 

The Australian Rooster gold coin is the second most popular coin produced by the mint. The coins feature an exquisite design on one side and a profile of Queen Elizabeth II. These gold coins also feature exquisite design details, and come in different weights. They also contain .9999 quality gold. 

Recently, Perth Mint has introduced its third instalment of the Chinese Zodiac inspired coins. The calendar is based on the mythical story of the rat who outsmarted 11 other animals who were participating in a race across a very dangerous river, to impress the Emperor. Instead of trying to make a boat, a raft etc., the cunning rat jumped onto the back of an ox, and then leaped on dry ground to claim first place on the 12-year calendar. Every year the mint sells out on these coins but this year, it has promised to increase the production of the lunar series coins in 2020.

Other popular coins from the Perth Mint like the Australian Kookaburra, which is celebrating 30 years; the Australian Koala and the Australian Kangaroo will get a redesign. The Kookaburra will get a completely new obverse of the fury creature and the rest of the other coins will still keep the obverse side of Queen Elizabeth the second. 

Perth mint coins are known for their purity, craftsmanship and great value. The lunar series isn’t the only coin series that sells out but it is one that a lot of coin collectors look forward to seeing and owning. 

Amongst gold dealers who buy gold bullion Brisbane, the coins from the Perth Mint are very popular. They are renowned for their high quality design and manufacturing. Perth mint gold coins are highly sought after. Finding a buyer of Australian gold coins in Australia should not be hard and this latest edition of the Perth Mint’s collection. These new coins are bound to be popular with gold collectors and gold buyers. The Perth Mint expects this coin series to sell out and they are releasing the coin in batches and not all at once. If you are thinking of updating your own collection, the new year of the rat coin from this year’s Chinese zodiac coin.