21st July 2024

3 things to do before you head to Goa

One of the most favorite destinations in southern India is Goa. The mere name of the state creates an image of serene beaches, tranquil palm trees, delicious food, and everything else that says “the perfect destination for a break or vacation”. This is one of those destinations that you just pack your bags and head off to. However, if you really are looking at spending a good time in Goa, there three basic things that you need to take care of before you head there. They are –

    • Weather
    • Festivities



Let’s take a look at each of the points mentioned above in detail.

Weather – a must-check:

Not just when you are travelling to Goa but, even when you travel around the world, weather is a must-check. One of the significant factors that affect your stay and experience of any city is the climatic conditions during your visit. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that you are headed to Goa during excellent weather conditions. Now, the question, therefore, arises which a good climatic to visit Goa? While many travel articles say Goa is the best in summer, truth is, it really depends on why are you going to Goa? If you going there for a break or to relax then summer is not the season to be there. A monsoon or winter season would be more like it. However, if it is the beaches that you look forward to, then summer is the season to visit Goa.

Festivities – where the crowd comes:

Another critical thing to consider before you head to Goa is the celebration of any festivals. Not only do these celebrations gather many people but also, the crowd can get a bit overwhelming if you want a peaceful vacation or stay. It also brings with it massive traffic jams. Even the most secluded beaches of Goa will be crowded if celebrations are happening across the city. So, visiting Goa during Christmas, New Year, or even Diwali is not a good idea.

Hotel packages – for you to stay on:

Goa has plenty of accommodation options to choose from. However, some of the stay options can be a bit heavy on the pocket; thus, we suggest you opt for the season’s package. Goa’s hotel packages keep changing each season, so you will find offers that allow you to stay in good places and are easy on the pocket too. Offers such as Goa monsoon package or other hotel deals in Goa are much better options to opt for. These hotel packages in Goa also offers you a plethora add ons such as personalized tours or unique water sports which will enhance your overall experience of the being here.

So, next time you plan to head to Goa, either for a break or a vacation, do consider the above points for a relaxed stay and a good experience of the town.