13th June 2024

5 Cities in America That Are Best to Live in After the Pandemic

The pandemic has been the greatest force to establish many changes in the life of an average American.

Starting from practicing work from home for the very first time to having to relocate temporarily, the coronavirus spread has been abrupt since the beginning.

However, now that people have started understanding how to operate in a global health emergency, there are a lot more changes expected from them.

This might include choosing remote working as their permanent working mode.

According to the Gallup polling, 53% of the respondents in the survey indicated that they might work from home as much they could.

Keeping employee’s choice of working in mind, some companies are even extending their work from home schedules into the next year, one example is American Express.

People have started bringing changes in their lifestyles as well to make it more pandemic-friendly. For instance, manly people are changing their slow internet service with a better and high-speed internet service to ensure their work from home duties remain effective. High-speed internet service providers such as Hughesnet Satellite Internet are also in high demand to support employees in their remote work journey.

Some people are even thinking of completely relocating their home duties to a different city when the pandemic is over. If you are having the same mindset, then here we have listed which American cities worth living in after the pandemic, in this blog.

The coronavirus pandemic is still managing to destroy millions of lives. While one-way it is risking the health capability of many people, the other way it is targeting people’s social life and mental health.

Apart from imposing damages on a human level, the pandemic has forced hospitals in different cities of the country to reach its maximum capacity. Not to forget that the economy is still yearning in crisis.

If began listing down the damages caused by the coronavirus spread in the country, it might take another hundred blogs to complete it. But now that most people are aware of this situation, there is no point in talking about suffering. However, one thing that is super interesting these days is the surveys and the polls.

According to a recent poll, many Americans have started thinking about moving. Yes, that is right, the pandemic has influenced people’s thoughts to change their place of living. As per the news website, Axios, in April, the Harris Poll surveyed and found out that about one-third of the people living in America are thinking to move to a less densely populated city.

Research from Moody’s Analytics says that the less densely populated places that have a larger share of jobs that require a bachelor’s degree are more likely to recover first from the economic crisis that the pandemic caused.

Not only this but as per the Pew Research Center, 22% of the adults living in America knew someone who had moved during the pandemic.

Here are some cities in America that areworth moving to:

Sierra Vista, Arizona

Sierra Vista’s cost of living when compared to the area price level of goods with the US is 11.2% lower than the national average.

It is also found in a recent survey that 78% of people spend less than 30% of their income on housing in Sierra Vista.

Mankato, Minnesota

If you want to live in a peaceful city with less buzz around you, then Mankato is your place. The city has the fifth-shortestweekly commute at two hours and 50 minutes.

Not only this, but the unemployment rate in July was 5.9% which was lower than most of the metro areas.

Peoria, Illinois

In most of the 100 metro areas with the lowest cost-of-living scores, Perio is at 12% lower than that of the national average.

Moreover, the average housing cost in the metro areas is about $894 a month.

Danville, Illinois

One more city of Illinois is Danville that is worth living in after the pandemic. The cost of living in the place is 21.4% which lower than the national average.

Also, the city is densely populated, as many people demanding. The average population density of the city is 84.3 people per square miles. This is lower than that of most of the metro area.

Waterloo, lowa

Neat 80% of the households spend 30% o their income on housing which indicates that there is better housing affordability in Waterloo.

Not to forget that the average cost of living in the place is 10.4% which is much less than the national average.

Find Your Next Place to Live

The pandemic has changed a lot, which also includes people’s perspective on living. Find out the best city in America to live in after the pandemic gets over.