13th June 2024

We analyzed 100 realtors and here is what we learnt

Purchasing a new home, or building one for that matter, is considered one of the largest investments a person will make in their lifetime. The process comes with a lot of stress right from the initial stages, and in some cases, it is not easy making the right decision. Therefore, it is important that homebuyers make efforts to learn from experienced real estate industry players. 

In our quest to find out the best home buying process, we talked to 100 real estate agents, and here is what we found out. 

  • Ensure it is Paperwork First!

If you are interested in purchasing new homes San Tan Valley AZ, ensure that you get the paperwork done before you start searching for a home. According to the realtors we talked to, often homebuyers start with shopping around for a house without even getting pre approval for home buying mortgage. 

This is a costly and painful mistake, especially when you watch the perfect house you had identified being sold to a better-prepared buyer. Do not put the cart before the horse! Ensure that you have pre approvals done first, before setting out for home hunting mission. This will save you a huge amount of money and time. 

  • Not knowing what your perfect home should look like

Realtors shared their experience with new homebuyers who didn’t have an idea of what they really want when purchasing their first home. The result is that they end up selling the house soon after purchasing, because they found that this is not the perfect home, he or she ever wanted. To avoid such an experience, jot down some of the features you would want in your perfect home. 

When looking for new homes in San Tan Valley AZ, you can refer to the list of features to ensure that you find the perfect home. in addition, if you are working with the real estate agent to help in finding your perfect home, the process is much easier, since you already know what to look out for. 

This is helpful when you are looking for new home builders in San Tan Valley AZ, as they can be able to come up with a custom property that suits your requirements. if you are living with a partner, their involvement in determining the features that they would want is crucial, as they are part of decision making in the home buying process. 

  • Do not purchase a home that is not within your budget

Realtors advise homebuyers to always stay in budget when purchasing new homes in San Tan Valley. In order to stay in budget, ensure you are pre-approved for a loan before going out to look for houses on sale. As much as you would wish for a fanciful living space, it makes sense to ensure that you are purchasing a property that you can afford to pay back once you have applied for the loan. 

The total cost of home ownership is important particularly before you make a decision on the house that you can afford. You do not want to end up in debts while you cannot pay for the cost of home maintenance. 

  • Location is an important factor

Check the surrounding area to ascertain that you are comfortable living around the area. if you are an aspiring San Tan Home Builder, do not invest money building a house  within a location where there is little demand. Therefore, drive around and even commute before you have identified a potential house on sale. This way, you will be able to make up your mind when purchasing the ideal home. 

  • Ensure professional home inspection before any commitment is made

A professional property inspector should be involved in the home purchase process. You do not want to purchase a property or to make a first installment payment, only to find that the property does not meet quality standards. The home inspector will check the plumbing system, the electrical installation and other important factors advising you whether to exit or negotiate the deal. Where minor changes are required, negotiate with the property owner so that appropriate and fair decision is reached. Avoid making decisions hurriedly, only to regret later. 

  • Find out the various loan options and compare the lenders

When applying for a financing to buy new homes San Tan Valley, there are different financing options to look at. Each of the financing options comes with different advantages and disadvantages. It is always important that you go for the most convenient option. This is in terms of the terms and conditions, the interest rates and the down payment. 

Realtors come with experience and can always advise you when purchasing a new home. Talk to an experienced real estate agent to find out the best options when purchasing a home.