13th June 2024

What is the Utility Of Ceramic Tiles in Modern Day to Day Life?

You will hardly come across a space today that is devoid of ceramic. Ceramic is being used in designing spaces across settings due to its versatility in designs, ravishing looks, ease of installation and cost-effectiveness. 

Here we shall talk about the utility of ceramic tiles in modern life.

A] Flooring 

Ceramic tiles can be modified to fit any space. They come in a wide range of styles, designs, shapes, and sizes. Additionally, ceramic tiles are affordable and easy to install. All this makes them a preferable choice for usage in residential premises and apartments. The ease to install extends to replacing the tiles too. The tiles are easy to handle and with a few tutorials; even common people like you and I can install them. 

B] Kitchen Counters 

Ceramic tiles are also used for kitchen counters. Kitchen countertops are exposed to consistent heat and occasional spills. Ceramic tiles are glazed which makes them water and stain-resistant. Additionally; ceramic is manufactured in high heat, which makes the tiles heat-resistant as well. However, they are prone to chipping so care should be taken. 

C] Walls 

Ceramic tiles can be installed on internal walls as kitchen splashbacks and bathroom wall tiles due to their water-resistant nature. Since they do not absorb heat; they are also suitable for external walls and can prove beneficial during summer months. 

D] Walkways 

Ceramic tiles come in a wide range of patterns and each tile is unique. This makes them suitable for walkways in parks and recreational areas as repetition of patterns is eliminated. 

E] Patios

Patios serve as great place to hangout with family on a chilly night. Patios are exposed to extreme weathers since they are placed outdoors. Ceramic tiles are resistant to heat and water due to which they can sustain the extreme weathers. This makes them a good choice for such spaces. 

Club Ceramic floor tiles come in distinctive and remarkable options, which can be installed at every setting mentioned above. 

As is evident; Ceramic tiles find wide applicability in plethora of areas. However, there are certain downsides as well like heavy weight, hardness which can cause discomfort if standing for long durations and heat resistance which can make the flooring unbearably cold during winters. Regardless of all this, their pros outweigh their cons, which makes them a widely used material worldwide and their demand continues to grow.