21st May 2024

Areas of Law Lawyers in Melbourne Can Help You With

There are many different areas of law that lawyers in Melbourne can help you with. This article will detailsome of the most common areas. 

Family Law

One of the most private and personally impacting kinds of law is family law. This can involve anything from child custody cases to separations and divorces. It also includes the creation of wills and dispersion of assets. If you’re facing a divorce, you’ll want to get yourself a good family lawyer to represent your interests. They will have all the knowledge necessary to make your separation or divorce legally legitimate. It’s important when looking for lawyers in Melbourne to help with family law matters that you choose a firm or lawyer that you feel you can trust. You will be expected to be completely honest and give full disclosure on your issue so that your lawyers will have a complete understanding of your situation and can better advise you. 

Business Law

If you own a business, it’s well worth getting professional lawyers in Melbourne on board before you run into some kind of disaster. It’s always easier to foresee and avoid business problems by having a pre-existing relationship with a good lawyerrather than trying to fix up a mess after it has already happened. Take the time to do your research on lawyers in Melbourne so you can find a trusted confidante who will be at your side guiding you to better business decisions at every turn. Business lawyers can help you most with the legalities of paperwork, which there’s a lot of when you run a business. Whether you’re hiring and firing, sharing service agreements with clients, or signing contracts with suppliers, it really pays to have the right advice within easy reach by finding the right business lawyer to help you. 

Commercial Litigation

Sometimes an issue remains unresolved for too long and attempts at mediation are not successful. This might be due to an intellectual property infringement or perhaps a supplier that has not provided what they promised, or even a customer that’s neglecting to pay you for your services. There are many reasons why a commercial litigation case could be brought to court. Sometimes it’s simply jealousy and someone wanting some of the good things you’ve built in your life or business. When commercial litigation is on the table, you will need lawyers in Melbourne to represent you in court. Always choose lawyers who have a consistently good track record in court. You can ask for referees from past clients to get a true idea of their results. 

 Dispute Resolution 

On some occasions, it’s simply not necessary to go to court, as disputes can often be resolved through arbitration or mediation. The difference between these two is that mediation is more of a conversation while arbitration is a more formal process that involves presenting your case and then getting a verdict from the arbitrator. It’s always worth attempting mediation or arbitration before an issue goes to court, helping to save time and money. Talk to your lawyers in Melbourne to see if mediation or arbitration might be a possible option for your situation.