21st May 2024

How to Pick the Best Shipping Containers for Sale

When you’re looking for some new shipping containers for sale what are the things you should be on the lookout for? Whether you’re an old hat or looking to acquire your very first shipping containers this guide will get you started!

Rent or Buy?

When you’re getting your first shipping containers you should consider whether to rent or buy the containers. Renting is ideal if you have a short term use in mind. This can be a temporary storage solution or a quick shipping job. For anything longer than that, you should consider buying. Buying has the advantage of long term savings. If you’ll be using these containers over a lengthy amount of time, buying them outright will save you tons of cash. This leads us to our next point.

What is the use?

What will you be using the containers for? If you’re starting a storage or shipping solutions firm, it might be less important that your shipping containers for sale are brand new. If you’re looking to do some construction work or you’re jumping into the shipping container housing craze, you’ll likely want much newer containers for their structural integrity. While it comes down to your personal preferences, it never hurts to play it safe with new shipping containers.

Consider Their Condition

If you are just looking for a shipping or temporary storage job, used shipping containers for sale will be just fine. Shipping containers are highly durable and even used ones are typically great for most jobs. This is especially true if you are storing or shipping something durable like commercial goods in their own containers. If you want to play it safe or if you have higher security concerns, getting new shipping containers will be the way for you to go. New containers are incredibly durable and can be made watertight. Something important to keep in mind is that old shipping containers have a very high durability. This means that if you have technicians, specifically welders with experience in shipping containers, on hand they can easily bring an older shipping container up to “like new” status.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re shopping for shipping containers and you’ll be having no troubles at all regardless if you’re buying your first or your hundredth.