27th May 2024

Gifts for Girls

Gifts filled with Love:

Though a girl’s first expectation as a gift is a person’s real love and affection, becomes more beautiful when she gets a surprise gift on her special day. Surprising your loved ones can be a girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter or even granddaughter   is a brilliant idea to reinforce the relationship deeper. Selecting and giving gift at the appropriate time coupled with surprise is a big task. In the modern world there is innumerable collection of gift collection which puzzles to make the day of your loved ones even more special. This document speaks about a product that could best impress a girl on her special day.

Personalized gifts for girls:

Personalization/Customization consists of many ideas either in the tailoring form or a product by itself to accommodate specific individuals or groups to coincide the special occasion.  These as gifts for girls can make the event more special. These are in all price ranges starting from a simple photo frame to costly party wear dresses customized as per the girl’s taste. These have got trending in market as they are easily available anywhere near your home. Let’s have a look at these ideas one by one:

  1. Geekmonkey One in a Million Mosaic Photo Frame – Customized Design

A picture always depicts the uniqueness of an individual. When there is a collage made with all the beautiful pictures taken on different occasions and places are put together to form a full-length frame, that really would be a gift worth it. Mosaic photo frame is a tribute to such feelings. It combines your favorite pictures to make one beautiful image that is one in a million. The square frame looks very adorable on your walls perfectly. The mosaic frame accommodates 20-30 memorable pictures. The occasion can be anything like dating, birthday, wedding day or even anniversary to remember with a cherished memory.

Product Features:

  • A frame with all your favorite pictures customized as per requirement
  • Pictures provided are combined to form 1 beautiful image.
  • Shapes: Square
  • Size:  1 foot * 1 foot
  • Customer sends 20-30 pictures for the background and 1 Main image for the main picture.
  • Material: Satin Silk Paper, wooden back and PVC Frame
  • Such a beautiful gift within your budget @ only 1799/-

How to Order?

  • Once the order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation email. 
  • The pictures to be printed on the frame are to be sent as reply to that email. 
  • After the order is confirmed, your order over call / email, it will be delivered within estimated time. 
  1. Customized Printed T-shirts:

There are other options like a personalized gift but rather a wall hanging, we use day to day.  These can be in the form of cups/cushions/desk calendars/coffee mugs. Earlier, these stuffs were only got in Archies. But now, Geekmonkey does these online.  

Product Features:

A decent look t-shirt for your daily wears or casual outings, customized completely as per your design/quote idea. It also makes for thoughtful designs for marketing / promotional events. This t-shirt is available in multiple sizes and colors. 

How to Order?

  1. The required size and color from the options are selected from the drop downs
  2. The required color is chosen
  3. Place a prepaid order
  4. Team Geekmonkey will call to confirm your order by requesting you to send details of the customization that you like.
  5. You can either send words or photographs to be printed on the T-Shirt
  6. A Confirmation email will be sent to you with all details specified
  7. After your approval, t-shirts will be sent for printing

Customized T-shirts cost only 420/- rupees. There are various color choices available. 

  1. Customized Shadow Box – For the Girls Family – Paper Quilled

This is one of the very special products that feature a box representing our family members. The box will contain minion toys each toy representing the unique look and character of the member of the family. A box can accommodate maximum of 5 handmade minion’s toys. Girls are always fond of toys. This option as a gift for girls is a great idea.

. Product Features:

  • A miniature family shadow box captures your favorite memory in the form of a unique quilled toy
  • Ideal gift on any occasions be it wedding, housewarming, birthdays, anniversaries
  • Each piece is unique and is made to order 
  • Its fully handmade
  • Made with paper and is eco friendly
  • Size: 6*3*4 inches

Package Contents: 1 * Shadow Box family

Note: We do accommodate changes as per demand. 

Jewelry as a gift for girls

Girls are always fond of jewelry. They have lots in gold, platinum, silver and a lot in simple plastics and dummies too. Though there are lots, they do not have the proper options to neatly organize then in a handy manor as per the colors and importance.

There is an option here in Geekmonkey to neatly organize your jewelry:

    1. Dress Shape Double Sided Jewelry Organizer

 This product allows to beautifully be organizing your necklaces, brooches, earrings, clips, hair accessories all in one place! 

. Product Features:

    • Handy vinyl pockets in the front.
    • Multiple hooks & loop tabs are at the back.
    • Material- Non-woven fabric A grade transparent PVC
    • Hang it like a dress in your wardrobe or anywhere else handy
  • Random Color – Overall Dimensions: Approx. 84 x 44cm size, 30 transparent/clear vinyl pockets and 14 ‘hook & loop’ tabs
  • The Little Dress/Accessory jewelry organizer is easy to hang in your wardrobe on a coat hanger or hook at home.
  • It can even be rolled up and used when travelling. The soft pockets in this jewellery holder keep each piece of jewellery safely separated to prevent breakage, tangles and scratches.
  • This dress style hanging jewellery organizer has two sides with 30 transparent/clear vinyl pockets on one side and 14 ‘hook & loop’ tabs on the other side. 
  • This product allows to arrange your delicate chains, earrings, bracelets, rings, bangles, chunky beaded neckpieces, hair accessories with a carefree mind. In this jewellery pouch neatly without mess up.


The occasion also can be specialized by taking the girl out for a dinner or a tour. The link below gets you more options: