21st July 2024

5 Nature Tourism For Snorkeling and Diving You Must Visit in Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi is a district located at the easternmost tip of the island of Java and has a variety of beautiful natural attractions. In addition to Ijen Crater and Red Island, which are natural attractions that are well known to the international scene, now Banyuwangi introduces natural tourism with underwater objects that are no less amazing.

For those of you who want to vacation in Bali, take a moment to stop by the City of Sunrise Of Java to simply enjoy the beautiful underwater world. The following beaches and islands must be visited by lovers of snorkeling and diving:

  1. Tabuhan Island

The islands and beaches of Banyuwangi are indeed very enchanting. Nature is still beautiful and has not been polluted by waste and garbage. It’s no exaggeration if this place becomes one of the must-visit tours when you stop by Banyuwangi.

Its name is Tabuhan Island. It is located 20 km from the city of Banyuwangi, more precisely in the village of Bangsring, Wongsorejo sub-district. Here you can enjoy the sunset when the afternoon approaches and the sunrise when the morning approaches. Tabuhan Island is perfect for scuba diving/snorkeling. There is nothing wrong with doing activities in the sea, namely swimming with marine animals because the water is very clear.

From Bangsring Beach, tourists can cross to Tabuhan Island by boat rented by a number of local residents. The rental price is around IDR 500,000 for a boat containing 10 passengers that will take tourists back and forth to Tabuhan Island.

Along the way to the island with this clean white sandy beach, the eyes of tourists will be spoiled by the charming view of the sea color gradations from green, light blue, to dark blue. Only about 30 minutes through, tourists will arrive at Tabuhan Island. And that’s a hidden paradise: white sand beaches with very clear turquoise water.

Not only that, but tourists can also see various animals, including the Maleo bird, which makes Tabuhan Island a place to migrate. Tourists can play in the water, they can even see various ornamental fish because the water is so clear there. Want to dive and see coral reefs inhabited by thousands of species of fish, sponges, and various other marine plants is not a problem.

Now, Tabuhan Island is also increasingly being used as a place for kitesurfing and windsurfing. The wind that blows quite hard occasionally makes the “kitesurfer” (as kite surfers) and windsurfers (windsurfers) lift from the water and float in the air. An attraction that is quite fantastic to be enjoyed.

  1. Bangsring Beach

There is another place that is no less beautiful, namely Bangsring Beach which is located in Bangsring Village, Wongsorejo District, Banyuwangi, East Java Province. The distance is approximately 20 km from downtown Banyuwangi.

This beach is opposite Tabuhan Island and is the first beach stop before heading to Tabuhan Island Banyuwangi. Bangsring Beach offers a very beautiful marine park. The shallow sea is an advantage, especially for those of you who are not good at swimming. Because only with a depth of about two meters, those of you who visit Bangsring Beach can already see beautiful sea views by snorkeling.

In addition to enjoying the beauty that is presented at Bangsring Beach, the strong currents of the Bali Strait are also a challenge for snorkeling lovers. The cold air caused by the gentle breeze also becomes a sensation in itself when snorkeling.

There is no entry ticket to enter this tourist spot. The explorers who visit only need to pay the rental fee for snorkeling equipment. With a fairly affordable rental fee, searchers have received mask equipment plus a life jacket rental bonus, which is Rp. 30,000 per person.

And if the explorers rent 10 pieces of equipment at once for the group, the explorers will get a bonus of a guide who will guide the explorers while snorkeling to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs. In addition, you can also enjoy swimming with sharks at the Bangsring Floating House Banyuwangi.

  1. Banyuwangi Blue Bay

Another one of the charms of Banyuwangi’s wonders is Blue Bay, which is an alternative to snorkeling in Banyuwangi. The sea here is still beautiful and has not been exposed, as evidenced by the clear blue color of the sea. That’s why this bay is called Blue Bay.

To prevent the further bombing of fish, this area is protected by a local community called Gemuruh (Gerakan Muncar Rumahku). This community has several environmental conservation activities. Among them are planting fish apartments, transplanting coral reefs, and planting mangrove trees that aim to save the environment.

The location of Teluk Biru is in Muncar Banyuwangi behind the Sembulungan peninsula. This bay is still included in the Alas Purwo National Park area. The surrounding community calls the blue bay Selanggrong. For access to this bay, you have to use the sea route with a rental fee of 300-500 thousand in a travel package which usually includes snorkeling equipment. Because the waves in Muncar are quite large, it is better to start the trip in the morning until noon. As a suggestion, it’s better to visit Blue Bay at 2 in the morning so you can enjoy Sunrise.

  1. Wedi Ireng Beach

Wedi Ireng Beach is located in Pancer Village, Pesanggaran District. The location is not too far from the beach of Pulau Merah which is quite famous in Banyuwangi. Only about 5 km away.

The basis for naming Wedi Ireng Beach is the color of the sand. In Javanese, wedi means sand while ireng means black. The color of the sand on this beach at first glance is pure white. However, on closer inspection, there is a mixture of black.

Access to Wedi Ireng beach is a bit complicated. The distance is about 65 km in the city of Banyuwangi. To get to Wedi Ireng beach, you can drive following the directions to the Luxury Island beach. About 3 km before the Red Island beach, there will be a sign to Pancer Beach. To get to Wedi Ireng beach, you can park in the TPI Pancer area and then connect on foot. After that cross using a local fishing boat. Wedi Ireng Beach can also be reached via the Red Island beach using a fishing boat. The cost of snorkeling at this beach ranges from 25-35 thousand.

  1. Bama Baluran Beach

You must be familiar with the name Baluran National Park which is famous for Padang Savana Bekol or what is known as the African Savanna of Java Island. In addition to having the African Savanna, Baluran National Park also has Bama Beach is known as the nirvana of sunrise and snorkeling.

The atmosphere of the beach that is not too crowded makes it an exciting place for adventure. The attraction of this Banyuwangi beach and the white sand and clean seawater is a natural atmosphere that is very pronounced. This is possible because the location of this beach is in a national park area and is surrounded by mangrove forests.

The view of the underwater world at Bama Beach looks very beautiful with many coral reefs and ornamental fish. With waves that are quite calm, we can go snorkeling to see the beauty of the underwater world. If you forget to bring snorkeling equipment, there are snorkeling equipment rentals and diving equipment available.

On Bama Beach, some cottages can be used to stay overnight. For those who want to get around the beach environment, canoe facilities can be used by paying a certain amount.

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