13th June 2024

Things to bring on a vacation with your cat

Do you get a guilty conscience every time you leave your furry friend with someone else while you head away? If yes, then it’s a sure sign you should take your four-legged family members away with you. After all, what could be better than a full-family holiday that actually includes everyone?

Obviously, taking pets on a trip abroad with you isn’t always possible or fair, but there’s no reason pets of all shapes and sizes can’t accompany you on vacations closer to home. Sadly, while many of us don’t think twice about taking our canines away to country cottages, few of us would consider a feline companion. But, there’s no reason doing so can’t work out with proper forethought and a well-packed list. 

Of course, you’ll want to start this process by getting your cat checked out at the vets. Then, once you’ve got the all-clear, you can make sure your trip goes smoothly by considering the following packig essentials to keep your cat happy.

#1 – A cosy carrier

A carrier should be a no-brainer on this travel list. How else are you going to get your cat safely from A to B? Believe it or not, a comfortable carrier could also become your cat’s safe haven when they’re in otherwise unfamiliar surroundings. A hardshell carrier with a soft towel or carrier pad will work best. You could even invest in an option with a cat harness for utmost driving safety. 

#2 – Enough food to last

It may seem pretty obvious, but an astounding amount of us fail to pack enough food for our felines. This is a sure way to disaster, especially given that buying a new mix from the first shop you find could upset your kitty’s stomach and ruin the trip. Instead, make sure you pack enough pouches of the best wet cat food your feline loves to last the entire time. Trust us when we say that regular meals your cat recognises will make a huge difference!

#3 – Something to do 

You should also think about toys when you’re considering vital things for vacation. Remember, your cat will be in unfamiliar surroundings, so letting them outside would be pretty foolish. That said, a cat that’s used to roaming will soon get bored if they’re suddenly trapped indoors all day. Don’t let it happen by providing plenty of stimulation in the form of mice toys, scratching posts, and even cat trees if you’ve got space in the trunk!

#4 – Make sure to pack medication!

Lastly, be sure to pack any medication your cat needs, be it pheromones to keep them calm or ongoing prescriptions for healthy skin. Leaving these at home puts your cat’s health and the happiness of the trip at risk. Instead, pack medication early, and make sure you have plenty to last every day of your stay.

It’s not a great deal, really, but these small packing additions will guarantee that going away with your cat is always a winner!