21st May 2024

Why a Delray Beach Men’s Sober Living House is Important

Choosing gender specific treatment and a Delray Beach men’s sober living house can be the right choice. There are plenty of benefits of gender specific sober living homes. It’s not all about just the biological differences but also environmental and social factors that can influence drug use, which is why gender specific treatment is so important.

Relationships Aren’t Good in Early Recovery

It can be normal to miss human contact but during early recovery, relationships aren’t the best idea at such a fragile moment in time. You don’t want to engage in behavior that can cause serious harm and set you back in recovery. Some people may find themselves in a situation not just because of the drugs but also a volatile combination of drugs, sex, and love. Some people get addicted to pay for sex or use sex to pay for addiction. Others may have gotten addicted after a bad breakup and aren’t emotionally ready to handle their newfound sobriety along with a romantic relationship.

Addiction Is Different for Both Men and Women

Not only can there be issues when dealing with romantic relationships, but mental health and addiction issues are fundamentally different between women and men. Men can generally struggle more with different codependence diseases. Even though each individual is different, the fact that women and men experience different addiction and mental health issues is enough to justify creating different environments for men and women to heal separately.

Feel More Comfortable

In order to fully recover, you need to be able to open up and it’s possible that you wouldn’t feel that comfortable in a coed environment. Men can better relate to other men and the pressures that happen around career and workplace. You will feel like you are on equal footing since the other gender has been removed from the equation. You won’t have to worry about gender politics, and it can be easier for residents to heal.

Why Choose a Men’s Program?

A Delray Beach men’s sober living house can be a good choice for men who aren’t comfortable opening up about their addiction in the presence of women. It’s also beneficial for men who could be distracted by members of the opposite sex. Men who have had a previous history with emotionally, sexually, or physically abusing women should also chose a gender specific sober living house in order to truly focus on their own recovery.

Each sober living home will come with its own set of qualifications and house rules. While not every sober living home is going to be gender specific, many do have this requirement. Once you find a possible home that interests you learn more about their specific gender and other requirements to see if you are the right fit.