21st May 2024

6 Natural Tourist Attraction In Jakarta

Metropolitan towns don’t always have stories about tall buildings and excursions filled with glamour and crowds.  Jakarta denies that it offers an excellent experience.  You can delight in the beauty of nature, therefore it makes you refreshed to return to action after a holiday.

  1. Tidung Island

Locate homestays, food stalls, and bike rental areas that are handled by sailors while enjoying the sunset with this island

  1. Ragunan Zoo

This educational and family-friendly tourist destination can be found inSouth Jakarta.  Ragunan stores a group of over 290 species of creatures and various educational and entertainment centers.   Additionally, you can socialize with adorable, benign critters.

  1. Ancol Beach

Tourist attractions in Jakarta are available for 24 hours and provide incredible panoramas, places to eat, and a perfect place to observe the sunset or sunrise.

  1. Pulau Semak Daun

Won’t run from character tourism with the air of the shore about the thousand islands since there are several beautiful tiny islands which you could see one of these is Semak Daun Island.

  1. Mangrove Nature Park

If you become bored with the regular and congestion of their funds, Mangrove Nature Park could be a place to escape to enjoy the pure capital town.  The park can be found in Garden House Street, North Jakarta, which will provide you with trendy mangrove woods.  That will cause you to feel calm and refreshed again to confront the day.  Have a boat with a guide to observe the perspective of the mangrove woods and discover a lot of lizards hanging around in the region.

  1. Suropati Park

As among the natural areas in central Jakarta, the title of Suropati Park isn’t too odd anymore for everyone who resides in Jakarta, notably in Menteng residential place.  Yes, most people typically use the playground as a press to refresh themselves.  The playground has an excellent layout, particularly due to a standing position provided by the United Nations members.

Trees implanted around the park will also be the main reason people do want Suropati Park.  Obviously, they require the quantity of oxygen, and they can put it into a location.

Besides the park itself, guests may also enjoy the snacks they can get from the closest food vendors.  The day is perhaps the best since typically some musicians are demonstrating their performances.

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